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The FTTH 777 package with a 100Mbps download speed will now be a standard offering across all telecom circles, according to BSNL.

BSNL slashes FTTH tariff, now customers can enjoy 100Mbps download speed in Bharat Fiber 777 plan (500GB CUL) all over India

Happy times are ahead for all BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) customers as PSU launches many attractive offers for new and existing customers across India. After the launch of BSNL’s new FTTH plan – Bharat Fiber Basic Plus 599 – with 60Mbps download speed and 3300GB usage, BSNL has decided to launch FTTH Plan 777 with 100Mbps download speed as a permanent offer in all telecom circles.

In India, with the exception of Kerala Telecom Circle, the BSNL 777 plan (500GB CUL) is presently being given as a promotional plan for the first six months to new FTTH users. A standard package from BSNL called 500GB CUL CS353 with 50Mbps download speed is available in Kerala Circle. Nearly all current and new BSNL FTTH customers on the 777 plan are now receiving 100Mbps download speed as a result of the latest FTTH speed upgrade. As a result, the PSU has chosen to make this package, which offers 100Mbps download speed, available to everyone.

Except for the recently released Fiber Basic, Fiber Basic Plus, Fiber Value, Fiber Premium, and Fiber Ultra plans, the aforementioned higher payment methods are applicable to all BSNL DSL Broadband and Bharat Fiber (FTTH) plans.

In addition, BSNL has also decided to withdraw the following plans for new customers.

*Present clients under the aforementioned programs may continue. To move these consumers to another nearby FMC regular plan, though, may be attempted. All recently introduced plans, including Fiber Basic 449, Fiber Basic Plus 599, Fiber Value 799, Fiber Premium 999, and Fiber Ultra 1499, will be accessible for subscription in Gujarat but the BSNL 777 plan won’t be.

The GST is not included in the above costs. The aforementioned directives must be followed consistently throughout all telecom circles, as indicated above, with immediate effect.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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Available to all new and current subscribers in all telecom circles is the Fiber Basic Plus Plan 599.