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In Delhi and the NCR, BSNL subscribers may access the Vodafone network. How can I enable Vodafone roaming in Delhi and the NCR, and what are the costs?

BSNL customers can access Vodafone network in Delhi & NCR area

Due to a partnership between BSNL and Vodafone, clients in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) may experience seamless connection. In addition to its current partnership with MTNL, BSNL prepaid and post-paid mobile subscribers travelling into the Delhi & NCR area can access the Vodafone Delhi mobile network.

Customers of BSNL must send an SMS to 53333 from their mobile number to activate Vodafone Roaming. A BSNL client must text the word “ACT ROAM” to the number 53333 to activate Vodafone roaming. A BSNL subscriber must manually choose the Vodafone or MTNL network after SMS activation. It should be remembered that BSNL customers using Vodafone Roaming must pay a fictitious incoming call fee.

How Can a BSNL Customer Enable Vodafone Roaming?

BSNL Customers must provide BSNL permission to utilize the Vodafone network in Delhi as an extra feature through manual network selection by sending the SMS command “ACT ROAM” to 53333. When a consumer texts the word “ACT ROAM” to the number 53333, the server receives the message, and the billing server transmits it as follows:

Your request for a second roaming activation for docket number xxxx has been received, dear customer. Regards, BSNL.

The subscriber will receive the following SMS when Vodafone roaming is activated.

“Dear client, your additional roaming service has been turned on as asked. Please manually choose the Vodafone/MTNL network and keep in mind that I/C calls are expensive. There will be no STV for Prepaid. Call 18001801503 for tariff information.

How to Deactivate Vodafone Roaming?

To deactivate additional roaming service, send SMS – ‘DEACT ROAM’ to 53333.

Tariff / Charges for BSNL Customer roaming in Delhi with M/s Vodafone as VLMN

(BSNL Prepaid & Postpaid Customers are subject to this Tariff.)

Whether Incoming calls will be charged in Vodafone Roaming?

Yes. When a BSNL user uses M/s Vodafone as their VLMN when roaming in Delhi, they would be charged at the rate of Rs. 0.45/minute. The aforementioned rates/tariffs are valid for both prepaid and post-paid BSNL mobile subscribers.

Why is my account balance being debited for data use when travelling on the Vodafone network in Delhi even though I have a current data pack?

Data STV and other STV types won’t be accessible while traveling on the Vodafone network. For “BSNL as a Seeker” in Delhi, data charges for BSNL customers using M/s Vodafone’s intercircle roaming would be levied at a rate of 0.25P/10KB.

I currently have an STV with free voice, data, and SMS features. Does Vodafone Roaming allow the usage of STV freebies when roaming?

No. For BSNL prepaid customers travelling in Delhi with M/s Vodafone as VLMN, any sort of STV, including data STV, would not be applicable. For BSNL post-paid mobile customers traveling in Delhi with M/s Vodafone as VLMN, any sort of add-on, including data, would not be applicable.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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