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Today, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, or BSNL, announced the opening of the “BSNL e-Marketplace,” a portal that links BSNL Franchisees to approved suppliers of a range of telecom products.

BSNL launches e-Marketplace: A platform that makes it easier for affiliates to buy telecom products from verified suppliers.

The inauguration of the “BSNL e-Marketplace,” a platform that links BSNL affiliates with trusted suppliers of a range of telecom products, was announced by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) today. The BSNL Marketplace promotes trade amongst BSNL/LCO/MSO affiliates acting as suppliers and purchasers of goods.

Buyers and suppliers may interact and do business with each other more productively and effectively thanks to BSNL Marketplace. It exists to promote economic opportunities for all types of people, businesses, and organizations. It wants to be a one-stop shop for all products linked to telecom installation demands of any kind. Global buyers may get reliable and accurate information about goods and providers through BSNL Marketplace. Benefits for BSNL Partners & Franchisees
Through the BSNL Marketplace, BSNL Franchisees or Partners (TIPs/LCOs/MSOs/Cluster Partners) can purchase telecom goods from reputable suppliers at the most competitive prices. Through the BSNL Marketplace, they may get the best bargain from trusted suppliers for a variety of telecom equipment including OLTs, ONTs, OF cables, etc.

The ‘BSNL Marketplace’ site supports three different types of users. 1) Product Vendors, 2) BSNL Partners or Franchisees, and 3) BSNL Administrative Nodal.

1) Product Vendors
It exists to promote economic opportunities for all types of people, businesses, and organizations. You get the chance to sell your telecom products directly to BSNL-connected partners through a secure and hassle-free route. It allows you to communicate with more than 12000 franchisees and TIPs around India, creates leads for your goods, and converts those leads into B2B transactions.

What can you sell here?

  • Landline Installation Component (Landline telephone instrument, drop cable, underground cable, Line Jack Unit etc)
  • Broadband Installation Component (ADSL Broadband Modem, Splitter, Wi-Fi Router etc)
  • FTTH Installation Component (OF cable, OLT, ONT, OF patch cords, OF splitter, Coupler, Termination Box, OF Join Enclosure, Wi-Fi Router, Splicing Machine, OTDR, SFP modules, Fiber protection sleeves, patch panels etc)

2) BSNL Franchisee or Partners (TIPs/LCOs/MSOs/Cluster Partners)
Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIPs), Local Cable Operators (LCOs), Multi System Operators (MSOs), and Cluster Partners may purchase telecom items from reputable suppliers all throughout India by using BSNL Marketplace. It wants to be a one-stop shop for all products linked to telecom installation demands of any kind. It attempts to give customers reliable, precise information on products and suppliers.

It empowers you to explore vast inventory & unique selection.

  • to go over the things being supplied by reputable local suppliers.
  • Compare the features and prices of the items offered by various sellers.
  • Choose the item and quantity you want.
  • Give the seller an order.
  • Discover the vendor’s contact information and address.

3) BSNL Admin Nodal

This user role is designed to: –

  • Manage/Approve/Reject Registered Vendors and their Products.
  • Add/Manage Category or subcategory of product.

Are You a Product Vendor?

How can you offer your goods for free in the BSNL e-Marketplace and register?

Enter the BSNL Marketplace URL in the browser when it has opened. You may currently visit the BSNL Marketplace portal at

Fill out the form with the necessary information, such as Name, Company Name, Email, Mobile Number, and Password. Type the address. Select the appropriate State and City.

Due to the fact that they will be used for any future contact, including orders placed and password changes, please enter the Email and Mobile No. carefully. Next, choose Submit.

How to Login after registration?

Click on Sign In Menu Option.

Use the email id and password entered while registration to Sign into Application. Click on Sign In, on successful Login you will be navigated to Dashboard.

Dashboard and its functionality

After logging in, you will notice that your status is “Awaiting Approval,” which will change to “Approved” after the BSNL Nodal Admin User has approved it.

How to add Product?

Additionally, the product status will change from Pending to Approved after it has received BSNL Admin Nodal approval. You may check a list of all recently added items here. Information available reveals:

  • Product Name,
  • Date on which added,
  • Status – Pending / Approved/ Rejected
  • Category / Subcategory Chose while adding Product.
  • Action Buttons for Edit or Delete the Product

How can I access the product preview that purchasers will see?

How to edit the available products?

Click Save Changes once you’ve made the appropriate changes.

How to delete the product?

A Delete Action button will appear next to the Product.

How Do I Use the Buyer Mode Product View?

Click on Preview Menu Option

How to check Orders?

You may check a list of all the Orders that Buyers have placed for you here. Details demonstrate

  • Product for which the order is placed.
  • Reference ID- Order Reference number
  • Status – Status of the order
  • Order date refers to the day the order was placed.
  • More Information about the order like
  • Quantities required.
  • Buyers Contact information, Address for delivery etc can be viewed by clicking on Order.

Note: –
Each time a vendor places an order for more items, a notification is sent to the contact details provided at registration.

Are You BSNL Nodal Admin?

Launch your web browser, type the BSNL Marketplace URL into the address bar, click Sign In, and then input the shared credentials.


How to Approve / Reject Registered Product Vendor?

All the Vendors Registered with application can be viewed as list here. Details available shows

  • Email id – of the vendor
  • Mobile number of vendors
  • Name – Vendor Name
  • Status – Approved /Pending/ Rejected
  • State
  • City
  • Approve/Reject action button based on vendor status. To take action, click.

How to Approve Products added by Vendor?

All the Products added by all registered vendors with application can be viewed as list here. Details available shows

  • Product name – as entered by vendor.
  • Date: The date when the vendor added the product.
  • Status – Approved /Pending/ Rejected
  • Category – Category selected by Vendor.
  • Action Button – Approve / Reject based on status of Vendor. Click to do the needful.

How to Manage or Add Product Category?

Here, a list of all the Product Categories may be seen. Details demonstrate.

  • Category
  • Active – Y/N
    Action Button will be provided to Add new category or manage the existing Category.

How to Manage or Add Product Sub category?

Here, a list of all the Product Subcategories is available. Details demonstrate.

  • Subcategory
  • Active – Y/N
  • Parent category to which the subcategory is assigned is known as the Category.
  • Action Button will be provided to add new Subcategory, or manage the existing Subcategory.

Are You BSNL Franchisee or Partner?

How to Login?

  • Login to FMS Portal ( using existing credentials.
  • From the FMS Menu, select the e-Marketplace link.
  • You will be redirected to the Marketplace Landing Page

Landing Page

  • All the Verified products will be listed on the Landing Page.
  • The Products can be explored by searching.
  • Based on Category, Sub Category or Vendors


How to explore products available in Marketplace?

How to place order for the product?

Already added product in cart can be managed here.

To remove the product from your cart, click delete.

Finally, click Place Order to go to checkout.

How to Edit Profile Information?

How to change Password?

How to change Address?

How to Log Out from Account?

Forgot Password? How to Reset Password?

Please share your thoughts and ideas regarding this most recent BSNL endeavor in the comments section, dear readers. If you are a BSNL franchisee or LCO, kindly let others know about this important information.

What do you think?

Written by Shallu Srivastav

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