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According to the most recent information, BSNL would permit dealers to swap out current SIM cards with replica SIM cards.

BSNL cell customers can without problems improve their present SIM card to BSNL 4G SIM card without touring

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has made the decision to permit SIM replacements through retail outlets all throughout India. Replacement SIM cards for misplaced or damaged SIM playing cards will soon be available to BSNL mobile customers at their neighborhood BSNL store, according to information issued today. All BSNL mobile customers may now easily upgrade their current SIM card to a 4G SIM card without having to visit the BSNL Customer Service Center or BSNL Office thanks to today’s breakthrough.

Through BSNL Customer Service Centers (CSCs) and BSNL Franchisee Offices, cellular users of BSNL can get replica SIM playing cards as gifts. BSNL has decided to increase the capacity of its stores in response to the fact that the majority of mobile users are having trouble moving about and traveling as a result of this pandemic. This should greatly reduce the challenges that customers encounter.

Subject units and telecom circles of BSNL frequently requested to provide SIM replacement centers to retailers, citing the difficulties that customers faced when their SIMs became lost, damaged, or malfunctioned.

The following is an official statement from BSNL about the expansion of the SIM replacement service to retailers: –

The following are approved by the appropriate authorities, for the convenience of subscribers, and to streamline the process:

  • Franchisees will have the option to select the shops who would replace the SIM cards, and they will be able to forward the permission of the replacement to the relevant BSNL CSC via the concerned Franchisee.
  • Franchisees are in charge of managing the merchants, hence they are in charge of taking accountability for their activities.
  • Telecom Circles are required to make sure that SIM replacements made through franchisee-selected stores are consistent.

Additionally, the BSNL corporate office has instructed its IT Project Circle (ITPC) to include significant provisions for SIM replacement via franchisee-selected outlets in Sanchar Soft / Sanchar-Aadhar packages. The Sanchar Aadhar mobile software, which BSNL shops use to onboard new pay-as-you-go cell customers, may be used to provide the service.

BSNL SIM Replacement Procedur

Customers must provide their original ID evidence and request for a duplicate SIM card to the closest BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC), BSNL Franchisee Office, or Authorized BSNL Retailers in order to obtain a duplicate SIM card.

If a SIM switch or replacement is in the name of the corporation, how may an employee get it?

If your mobile connection is registered in your business’s name, you will need to provide a permission letter on company letterhead from the relevant authorities in addition to the employee’s ID card in order to obtain a duplicate SIM card.

When my current SIM card is destroyed, can I still use my current BSNL mobile number?

Sure. Simply submit your request for a SIM alternative along with proof of identity (POI) and proof of address (POA) at the closest BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC), BSNL Franchisee Office, or Authorized BSNL Retailers. You can receive a duplicate SIM card with the same mobile number after verification.

What is the cost of a BSNL duplicate SIM card? Are the costs for replacing a BSNL SIM the same everywhere?

Yes, the pricing of a BSNL duplicate SIM card for a Micro, Nano, or regular SIM card would be the same across all circles. Currently, all SIM card kinds from BSNL require a replacement fee of Rs 50.

Is it feasible to obtain a duplicate SIM card from BSNL in a different state?

Currently, the parent circle from which you initiated the connection may provide a BSNL replica SIM (SIM replacement/SIM change). This implies that it is no longer theoretically possible to use a different circle to replace the BSNL SIM card. An individual with a Kerala Telecom Circle BSNL mobile phone is not eligible to obtain a duplicate SIM card from any other telecom circle. In these situations, if you are moving entirely to a different state, it is normally advised to submit MNP in order to port out your current BSNL mobile number to the BSNL mobile community of your current telecom provider. For instance, you might port your BSNL Kerala quantity to BSNL Karnataka if you were moving from Kerala to Karnataka.

Can I take use of the current freebies or other amenities in lieu of a replacement?

Sure. By using the BSNL SIM Replacement method, a new SIM card with the same phone number will replace your physical card. Following activation, your old SIM card is deactivated, and your new SIM card may have all of the features and centers that were available on your old SIM card. How you might continue to use your new SIM card to access freebies (voice, data, SMS), communicate time, account balance, validity, and many other features.

How long does a client have to wait for the activation of a replacement BSNL SIM card?

The process of activating the BSNL replica SIM card might take up to 30 minutes once the necessary paperwork has been filed and verified. This time frame represents the processing time following the fact-finding procedure involving BSNL authorities, franchisee employees, and retailers.

How can I get BSNL Duplicate SIM Online?

There isn’t yet an online tool for BSNL SIM swapping or replacing SIMs. If your SIM card becomes damaged, you can get a replacement from the home circle’s authorized BSNL retailers, BSNL CSC, or BSNL Franchisee Office.

Is it feasible to obtain a duplicate BSNL SIM card with an authorization letter on behalf of the SIM card owner?

Only the original owner may receive a duplicate SIM card from BSNL officials. The BSNL CSC in-charge may handle the matter in accordance with the customer’s current circumstances about the production of the required acceptable documentation and the request letter for a new sim card citing the authorization.

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