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For everyone’s protection, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has issued a warning regarding several bogus websites that want deposits from visitors in exchange for BSNL Bharat Fiber Dealership.

It is also clarified that, BSNL has not authorized anyone to sell / distribute BSNL Bharat Fiber / Air Fiber dealership.

To caution everyone about some bogus websites that demand a personal payment from BSNL reseller Bharat Fibre, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has sent a notice. Additionally, it has been made clear that BSNL does not let anybody to distribute or sell BSNL Bharat Fiber or Air Fiber concessions.

Regarding these bogus websites, we have received several inquiries from BSNL FTTH partners and Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIPs/LCOs). They include and, which are fraudulent websites. All of them are fraudulent websites that demand upfront payments from visitors in order to locate a BSNL Bharat Fiber or BSNL Bharat Air Fiber Dealership.

The following is the official Caution Notice from BSNL: – It has been reported that BSNL does not need a payment up front for any Bharat Fibre or Bharat Air Fibre dealership prior to BSNL clearance. BSNL has been aware of several phony websites that are operational online and pose as BSNL websites by utilizing phrases like BSNL, Bharat Fiber, etc. The websites requested money be put in advance in the name of BSNL and claimed to have the power to install FTTH on specific client premises as well as provide distributorship.

The suspected Modus Operandi for
fraud is :-

  • create a website
  • promising dealership and FTTH connections in exchange for an early payment.
  • Used BSNL materials, such as the logo and product information, and falsely stated that the website was created by BSNL’s ITPC.
  • Calls are placed to potential clients.
  • The money is then to be sent to an account number at any bank with the account name “Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited”; nevertheless, they are individual accounts that have been given such names.

It is important to note that BSNL is not affiliated with these websites, and the general public is thus advised to avoid doing business with them. BSNL also disclaims all liability for any financial transfers or cash deposits made to these websites, as well as for any resulting losses to individuals or other entities.

BSNL only accepts online registrations for Bharat Fiber and Bharat Air Fiber franchisees via the company’s official website at at this time. Below are some further facts in this regard: –

  • In India, BSNL began to accept online applications from potential new franchisees for Bharat Fiber (FTTH) services.
  • To expand Bharat Air Fiber (wireless broadband) services across India, BSNL is looking for franchisees.

Dear readers, kindly let your friends and family know about this important information concerning the scam involving the bogus Bharat Fiber Dealership and fake websites.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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