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B SNL’s New Post-paid Mobile Plans Launched: Get your Family Add-on connections & data roll over the facility at no extra cost

Introducing New BSNL Post-paid Cellular Plans – Get Extra Family Calls & the ability to transfer data at no additional cost.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) today launched new Post-paid Mobile Plans starting from Rs 199/- with many attractive features like free family add-on connections with unlimited voice, data and SMS benefits, roll over facility for unused data. The PSU has launched three new post-paid mobile plans priced at Rs 199, Rs 798 & Rs 999.

Additionally, BSNL has decided to discontinue certain of the current post-paid mobile plans, including Plans 99, 225, 325, 799, and 1125, effective on a PAN India basis as of the first day of December 2020. Customers with the previous post-paid mobile plans, Plans 399 and 525, may now also access these additional capabilities. Existing users may also take advantage of greater data bonuses and the ability to roll over their data at no additional cost. From Plan 525 on, BSNL will provide Free Family Connections.

BSNL Postpaid Mobile Plan 199 [NEW PLAN]

Customers who choose BSNL Plan 199 may receive 300 free minutes of other network calling in addition to unlimited voice calls to BSNL. This plan includes 25GB in total data benefits with a 75GB data rollover option. Customers can thus use up to 75GB of their unused data carry forward. Also included with this pack is a daily allowance of 100 free SMS to any network.

BSNL Postpaid Mobile Plan 798 (1+2 Connections) [NEW PLAN]

In BSNL 798 post-paid mobile plan, customers may get unlimited voice calls to any network and 50GB monthly free data with data roll over up to 150GB. This pack also comes with daily 100 free SMS to any network. This pack also offers 2 additional connections with unlimited voice calls, 50GB data & 100 SMS/day separately on each connection.

BSNL Post-paid Mobile Plan 999 (1+3 Connections) [NEW PLAN]

Additionally, the BSNL Post-paid Plan 999 gives unlimited phone conversations to any network and 75GB of free data each month with the option to roll over an additional 225GB. The SMS advantage is same because this bundle also provides 100 free SMS per day to any network. Customers who choose this plan are eligible for three extra connections at no additional cost. These 3 connections (Family Connections) each give 100 SMS each day, 75GB of bandwidth, and unlimited phone conversations.

BSNL Post-paid Mobile Plan 399 [REVISED PLAN]

The updated Post-paid Mobile Plan 399 from BSNL offers 70GB of data with the option to roll over an additional 210GB. With the updated 399 plan, you may also send daily 100 free SMS to any network. Earlier, the BSNL 399 plan only included 30GB of data. Since this plan doesn’t include free add-on connections, customers who want family connections can select any other plan.

BSNL Post-paid Mobile Plan 525 (1+1 Connections) [REVISED PLAN]

From the first of December 2020 forward, current users of BSNL Post-paid Mobile Plan 525 will receive an additional free data benefit of 85GB with data rollover up to 255GB. Before, the BSNL 525 plan only included 40GB of free monthly data. With the updated 525 package, a second free family add-on connection with unlimited voice service is also available.

BSNL Post-paid Mobile Plan 1525 [REVISED PLAN]

BSNL offers true unlimited data benefits in post-paid mobile plan 1525. Customers may enjoy true unlimited data usage without any FUP limits in this plan. In addition, customers may also enjoy unlimited voice calls and 100 free SMS per day as in the case of other post-paid plans.

Annual / Higher Advance Payment Offer

In all of the aforementioned post-paid mobile contracts, customers may take advantage of enticing yearly / higher advance payment options. Customers may purchase 12 months of service by paying 11 months’ worth of FMC (fixed monthly fee) in advance. In a same vein, users may receive 24 months of service by prepaying 21 months of FMC.

Data Add-on Plans & Charges for Additional Data Usage

Data use has been restricted by BSNL in all post-paid mobile plans starting of the first day of December 2020. Customers who exceed their allotted free data usage will be charged Rs 10.24 per GB.
With effect from January 12, 2020, all post-paid mobile users’ current Voice, SMS, Combo, and Data add-on packs were discontinued. The following recently released data add-on packs are available for those that want more data benefits.

Data Add-on Pack for Rs 150: Free 40GB of Data Usage

250 for the Data Add-on Pack: 70GB of Free Data

Offer for Existing Customer in Closed Plans

BSNL has decided to withdraw the following Post-paid Mobile Plans – Plan 99, Plan 225, Plan 325, Plan 799 & Plan 1125 from 1st December 2020. BSNL will be offering cash discounts for 3 months to all existing customers in closed post-paid mobile plans while migrating to any of the newly launched / higher plan. Details of discount is given –

  • For three months, subscribers of Plans 99, 225, or 325 who migrate to any higher plan would receive a Rs. 25 cash discounts.
  • For three months, subscribers of Plan 799 who upgrade to any higher plan would receive a Rs. 50 cash discounts.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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