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As per the latest tariff revision, customers can choose from annual or monthly plan as per their choice with base plan starts from Rs 2200/- onwards.

BSNL revised tariff plans for Retail Bulk Push SMS

The Retail Bulk Push SMS Service now has improved rate options from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). According to the most recent revisions to the pricing, customers can choose between yearly and monthly payment options, with the lowest plan starting at Rs 2200/- and going up.

The PSU has additionally prolonged a 100% waiver of scrubbing fees for Government entities / PSUs and all scheduled banks (besides non-public banks) for a length of as much as thirtieth April 2021. This ultra-modern tariff revision is relevant to each transactional in addition to promotional bulk SMS services.

DLT Scrubbing Charges

DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) scrubbing fee is the fee for operators to test the waft of unregistered SMS headers or content material over their networks and healthy senders in line with customers’ DND (Do Not Disturb) preferences.

Non applicability of Scrubbing Charges

The approval of capable authority is hereby conveyed for extension of non-applicability of scrubbing expenses for all Govt. entities/PSUs & all scheduled banks (besides personal banks) for a duration as much as 30-04-2021.

Why is DLT Registration required? What is it?

In accordance with the telecom regulatory authority of India, TRAI hints named as TCCCPR 2018, all of the enterprise entities who need to ship business communique to their customers, ought to sign in themselves as Principal entity mandatorily on BSNL DLT portal All the prevailing and new enterprise entities who want to apply Bulk SMS / OBD (Out Bound dialling) need to sign in withinside the BSNL DLT portal because the main entity is to comply with TRAI’s TCCCPR 2018 hints. The goal of the brand-new law notified is to efficaciously address the nuisance of unsolicited mail skilled via way of means of the subscribers.

The TCCCPR 2018 regulations provide for:

a) Sender registration allows businesses (Entities) and telemarketers to prove their legitimacy and gain customers’ confidence. This makes it harder for unidentified parties to contact their clients through calls and texts that are fraudulent or otherwise suspicious.

c) Header registration: Using headers wisely to separate various message types.

c) Registration of Message Template: The idea of registered templates for voice and SMS communication is intended to stop the intentional insertion of promotional messages into the transactional stream.

d) Recording subscriber approval

e) Exact selection of preferences

Telecom Subscribers are advised: –

i) To refrain from using their landline or mobile number for any transactional, promotional, or service-related commercial call or SMS message. A two-year blacklist and use restrictions as well as the eventual disconnection of all of the subscriber’s numbers might follow such illegal use.

ii) To choose the product category, day, time, and communication channel before deciding whether they wish to receive or block promotions.

iii) Use their service provider’s contact center at 1909, SMS to 1909, IVR, website, app, etc., as well as the TRAI DND app, to report unpleasant calls or SMS they have received.

iv) After completing the necessary steps for registration and onboarding on the DLT, telemarketers are only permitted to use a limited range of numbers for commercial calls or

The DLT portal “” is operational, and it is where all registrations for Telemarketers, Entities, Headers, and Templates must be made.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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