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According to the most recent information, these two new Air Fiber plans will include a free static IP address and a maximum download bandwidth of 80Mbps.

BSNL introduces new Air Fiber plans with 80Mbps download speed.

With immediate effect across all telecom circles, BSNL has announced the availability of two new ultra-rapid, unlimited Bharat Air Fiber Plans: “Air Fibre Ultra” and “Air Fibre Ultra Plus.” According to the most recent information, the new Air Fiber plans would offer one free static IP address and a majority of 80Mbps download speed.

The ‘Air Fibre Ultra’ and ‘Air Fibre Ultra Plus’ plans provide true unlimited voice calls to any community without additional charge. The BSNL Air Fibre Ultra plan’s download speed is 80 Mbps, with a FUP cap of 5000 GB of data per month. After passing the statistical limit, speed may be limited to 15Mbps. While the Air Fibre Ultra Plus subscription allows for 7500GB of high-speed data use at 80Mbps. Since the post-FUP download speed in this case may be 25Mbps, customers can continue to enjoy unlimited broadband internet even after exceeding the FUP cap.

Under the above “Bharat Air Fibre” plans, voice service must be provided via the SIP platform by installing BSNL’s App WINGS at no additional cost to customers who are refusing to select those plans due to the high cost of IP telecell smartphones for voice calls. Therefore, customers may receive voice service either using the App or with a regular telecell smartphone linked by CPE, but no longer both. According to Bharat Air Fibre policy, the “Radio Broadband Service Partners” (RBSP) will receive a certain percentage of sales. Except for the A&N circle, all of the circles will immediately implement these orders on a daily basis.

What is BSNL Bharat Air Fiber Service?

Getting Fiber broadband net connection or maybe stressed-out broadband in far-flung components or rural components of India is a hard task. To conquer this problem in connecting rural India, our state-run operator, BSNL released Bharat Air Fiber Services. BSNL Bharat Air Fibre will allow houses in rural regions with broadband, voice and IPTV services, which isn’t the same as the company’s Bharat Fibre FTTH carrier makes use of stressed-out era and is focused on city houses.

A wireless, or more specifically a radio-based last mile telecom connectivity option, is the BSNL Bharat Air Fibre service. It employs less-interfering unlicensed airwaves (spectrum that is not licensed to any company) to offer internet service. Line-of-sight radio waves are also used to distribute the service. Bharat Air Fiber is entirely wireless and provides internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps up to 5 km, with the potential for beyond distances depending on the air medium and range. In order to use this Bharat Air Fiber Service to link customers across all terrains of the nation, BSNL is actively pursuing it and has introduced new regulations with plenty of flexibility.

How can I apply for BSNL Air Fiber?

Contact your neighborhood BSNL telephone exchange or the BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC) to submit an application for BSNL Air Fiber. If Air Fiber Service is offered, you may send a properly completed application, a piece of identification showing your identity and residence, and a passport-sized photo. The link would be offered following a feasibility and coverage review by BSNL’s Air Fiber franchisee.
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Dear readers, if you have friends and family in communities who are having trouble connecting during this epidemic, please let them know about this most recent information. Rural and distant areas where delivering Fiber access to every home is practically impractical are the perfect places for BSNL Bharat Air Fibre solutions.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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