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According to the most recent data, scrubbing fees for bulk SMS services have been lowered from the current cost of 2.1 paisa per SMS for SMS counts less than 10 crores to 2.0 paisa per SMS.

BSNL has introduced the revision in scrubbing prices for Bulk Push SMS Service. The PSU has additionally introduced a 50% cut price on scrubbing prices that’s presently relevant to Government entities and PSUs may also retain until similar orders.

According to current data, scrubbing costs for bulk SMS providers have been lowered from the current amount of 2.1 paise per SMS for SMS remembered under 10 crores to 2.0 paise per SMS. The fee for Scheduled Banks (apart from private banks), PSUs, and government organizations may be as low as 1. 0 paise per SMS for the same category. Scrubbing costs apply to SMS that are sent to the DLT platform for filtering in accordance with the provisions of the TRAI TCCCPR 2018.

BSNL Bulk SMS Service – DLT Scrubbing Charges applicable with effect from 01-06-2021
Sl NoSMS submitted to DLT per monthScrubbing Charges per submitted SMS to DLT for General PEs (Principal Entities) [Excluding GST]Scrubbing Charges per submitted SMS to DLT for Government Entities, PSUs and all scheduled banks (Except Private Banks) [Excluding GST]
1Less than 10 Crores2.0 paise1.0 paise
210 Crores to < 30 Crores1.9 paise0.95 paise
330 Crores to < 50 Crores1.8 paise0.90 paise
450 Crores to < 80 Crores1.7 paise0.85 paise
580 Crores to < 100 Crores1.6 paise0.80 paise
6100 Crores to < 150 Crores1.5 paise0.75 paise
7150 Crores and above1.4 paise0.70 paise

*GST will be charged as usual.

For government sender IDs that have obtained TRAI exemption clearance, there will be no further scrub fees. The aforementioned modification is relevant to BSNL’s transactional and promotional bulk SMS services.

The New Retail Bulk SMS – Monthly Plans from BSNL, with a 30-day validity period
SMS Range (Count)Rate/SMS* (Rs)Plan Base Amount* (RsScrubbing Chargers per SMS
For Private Entities
10,000 to 24,999222,200/-0.021
25,000 to 49,999174250/-0.021
50,000 to 99,999147000/-0.021
1,00,000 to 9,99,9991313,000/-0.021
10,00,000 to 49,99,999121,20,000/-0.021
50,00,000 to 99,99,999115,50,000/-0.021
Greater than 1,00,00,0001010,00,000/-0.021
BSNL’s Revised Retail Bulk Push SMS – Annual Plans (365 Days Validity)
SMS Range (Count)Rate/SMS* (Rs)Plan Base Amount* (RsScrubbing Chargers per SMS
For Private Entities
10,000 to 24,9990.333,300/-0.021
25,000 to 49,9990.256,250/-0.021
50,000 to 99,9990.2110,500/-0.021
Greater than 1,00,0000.2020,000/-0.021
*GST not included
Scrubbing Charges is subject to change as and when communicated by BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi

How does DLT Registration work and why is it required?

As to the recommendations set forth by the telecom regulatory authority of India, known as the TCCCPR 2018, all business organizations that wish to deliver commercial communications to their clients are required to register as Principal entities on the BSNL DLT site, which can be accessed at To adhere to TRAI’s TCCCPR 2018 recommendations, all new and existing business companies wishing to utilize bulk SMS or OBD (Out Bound dialling) must register on the BSNL DLT site as Principal company. The newly announced law aims to efficiently address the annoyance of spam that subscribers encounter.

The 2018 TCCCPR regulations stipulate:

a) Senders’ registration (entities and telemarketers): By registering, firms may establish their legitimacy and win over customers’ confidence. This makes it harder for unidentified companies to contact their clients with phone calls and communications that are phony or suspicious in other ways.
b) Header registration: This involves cleverly utilizing headers to divide up various message kinds.
c) Registration of Message Template: The idea behind registered templates is to stop promotional messages from being purposefully mixed into the transactional stream in both voice and SMS communication.
d) Consent registration for subscribers
e) Exact control over personal tastes
The DLT portal is now operational at Telemarketers, entities, headers, and templates must all register through this site.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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