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According to the most recent information, both transactional and promotional SMS services are covered by the new tariffs.

BSNL revises Bulk Push SMS tariff plans and slabs for transactional and promotional SMS services

The Bulk Push SMS service will now have revised rate levels and slabs, according to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). The bulk push SMS rate plans and slabs for transactional and marketing SMS services are updated by BSNL.

The most recent modification raised the charge for SMS to BSNL phones while maintaining the same pricing for SMS to non-BSNL lines. For customers who choose monthly plans of more than 80 crore SMS and beyond, BSNL has even lowered the SMS pricing to non-BSNL phones. From 1 December 2020 onwards, the new tariff for BSNL Bulk Push SMS will be in effect on a PAN India basis.

The rest of the terms and conditions will not change. The aforementioned rate will go into effect on a PAN India basis on December 1, 2020.

BSNL Bulk Push SMS Service

A straightforward and user-friendly method for sending both bulk and individual messages at reasonable prices is offered by the BSNL Bulk SMS service. The ability to send both transactional and promotional SMSs is a feature of this service. Customers can send transactional and promotional SMS using the BSNL web portal or API. Customers who have registered for telemarketing can get promotional SMS.

Application / Request for Bulk Push SMS Service

For sending SMS to their clients, educational institutions, real estate companies, banking / financial institutions, hospitals, small & medium enterprise business units, etc. may all benefit greatly from BSNL’s bulk SMS service. Transactional or promotional material may be included in SMS.

How can I sign up for the BSNL Bulk Push SMS Service?

All business entities that intend to send their consumers commercial communications must register themselves as Principal entities on the BSNL DLT site, located at, in compliance with TRAI standards known as TCCCPR 2018. Along with call and SMS content templates, all headers, SMS sender IDs, and numbers from which they intend to send commercial communications must be registered. Commercial communication that is not registered and that does not use the allocated headers may be in violation of TRAI rules.

After enrolling on the BSNL DLT Portal, clients who want to use the company’s bulk SMS service should speak with the enterprise business unit of the closest BSNL Business Area.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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