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As per the latest information, all the new as well as existing customers recharging with Plan Voucher of Rs 109/- till 31-03-2021 will get double data benefits as well as increased prepaid plan validity.

BSNL has revised the records freebies and validity length of certainly considered one of its maximum famous pay-as-you-go cell plans

One of BSNL’s most well-known pay-as-you-go cell plans, the Mithram Plus Plan (Plan Voucher 109 or PV 109) has had its record bonuses and validity period extended till March 31st, 2021. According to the updated information, all new and existing customers who recharge with a Plan Voucher of Rs. 109/- through March 31, 2021 receive double records benefits and better pay-as-you-go plan validity.

BSNL customers who subscribe to the Mithram Plus pay-as-you-go plan currently receive 5GB of data and unlimited calls to any community for 20 days, with a plan validity of up to 30 days. According to the updated rules, customers who activate the Mithram Plus plan (Recharge 109/-) can now benefit from an extended plan validity of 75 days rather than 30 days and 10GB of data as a promotional offer effective until March 31st, 2021. Freebies will still be good for around 20 calendar days, though.

BSNL to Withdraw Mithram Plus Plan from 1st April 2021

BSNL has additionally determined to stop this prepaid cellular plan i.e., the Mithram Plus plan with impact from 01-04-2021. Its manner BSNL Mithram Plus plan 109 (Plan Voucher 109) could be withdrawn for brand spanking new in addition to current clients from 1st April 2021 onwards.

What will happen to current Mithram Plus plan users after March 31, 2021?

Existing clients can hold withinside the identical tariff plan until the expiry date and in addition extensions withinside the Mithram Plus plan will now no longer be allowed. Customers can also additionally pick some other pay-as-you-go cell plan in line with their choice/requirement.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

As we said in our article from last month, BSNL is steadily expanding the number of SIM cards sold thanks to new genuine unlimited customer packages and a generous incentive program for its channel partners and franchisees.

According to the most recent information, all new and current customers will receive double data advantages as well as extended prepaid plan validity when they recharge using Plan Voucher of Rs 109/- through March 31, 2021.