As Per Latest Information With the purchase of the tower assets of United Group, Stc Group’s Tawal expands into Europe.

Tawal acquires United Group’s telecom tower assets in Europe.

Tawal, a division of the STC Group with expertise in ICT infrastructure, will buy the European telecom tower assets of United Group. With the purchase, Tawal will be able to offer a range of passive infrastructure services and broaden its worldwide footprint in crucial sectors.


  • For EUR 1.220 billion, Tawal buys the telecom tower assets of United Group in Europe.
  • Tawal’s initial foray into Europe and a crucial turning point in the stc Group’s global growth
  • Over 4,800 sites will be owned and managed by TAWAL across three EU member states.

The ICT infrastructure company of the Saudi Arabian stc Group, Tawal, has inked a contract to buy the telecom tower assets of the United Group for EUR 1.220 billion. The top multi-play telecom and media business in Southeast Europe is United Group, which is mainly controlled by BC Partners. Tawal’s entry into Europe with this acquisition signals a critical turning point in the stc Group’s global expansion strategy.

Tawal will run more than 4,800 locations across Europe.

Tawal will own and manage more than 4,800 sites in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bulgaria when the transaction is complete, all of which are EU members. The business will offer a variety of passive infrastructure services, including roofs, tiny cells, ground-based towers, and in-building solutions.

In accordance with the agreement, Tawal will continue to cooperate with other mobile network operators while deploying approximately 2,000 more sharable sites over the following 20 years.

Tawal is supporting Saudi Arabia’s Digital Plans

Tawal is actively assisting Saudi Arabia’s ambitions for digital transformation by extending its presence throughout new cities and rural regions of the country. The business is also releasing technologies that are ready for smart cities, including tiny cells, in-building solutions, and small cells that can blend in with their surroundings.

The appropriate Bulgarian and Slovenian regulatory agencies must approve the deal before it can proceed. Once finished, Tawal’s activities in the European market will be renamed “Tawal Europe” and act as the foundation for any further firm expansions there.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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