According to the most recent information, WhatsApp now offers a multi-device functionality that enables you to utilize a single account across several devices.

WhatsApp aims to improve multi-device offering by allowing users to use same account.

According to WhatsApp, it introduced the feature of seamless messaging across all devices for users worldwide last year, while preserving the same level of security and privacy. The introduction of the capability to utilize the same WhatsApp account on various phones is part of the company’s effort to further enhance its multi-device offering.


  • The launch of one of WhatsApp’s most significant features for both Android and iOS was recently announced by Meta, who owns the service.
  • One WhatsApp account may now be used on several phones without having to sign out.
  • People will be able to move between phones and continue conversations where they left off thanks to this functionality.

The company that owns WhatsApp, Meta, just announced the introduction of one of its most important features for both Android and iOS. Now, several phones may utilize the same WhatsApp account without requiring a sign-out. This capability will allow users to switch between phones and carry on their discussions where they left off. Users could only use one account until recently across several laptops and PCs, but not cell phones.

Small company operators as well as individual users gain from the change. Under the same WhatsApp Business account, any employee may now react to clients straight from their phones.

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Additionally, WhatsApp has acknowledged that it will soon introduce a different, easier method of connecting to companion devices. Just as with WhatsApp on web browsers, tablets, and desktops, users may attach their phone to up to four other devices. Users attach their single WhatsApp account to other devices using a similar approach.

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Users may choose “Linked Devices” from the settings menu on WhatsApp’s home page to enable this functionality. They can then click “Link a Device” and adhere to the prompts on the screen. Instead of scanning a QR code, users may now input their phone number on WhatsApp Web to get a one-time code that they can use on their phone to enable device connection.

According to WhatsApp, the ability for users worldwide to communicate seamlessly across all of their devices while preserving the same degree of privacy and security was launched last year. By allowing users to utilize the same WhatsApp account on numerous phones, the firm hopes to further enhance its multi-device offering.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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