As Per Latest Information Valoo Bringing Fiber Connectivity to Multiple Cities in Finland

Valoo is connecting over 50,000 new households to fiber optics in 23 cities in Finland.

In numerous regions of Finland, including Haukiputaa, Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Kiiminki, and Kotka, Valoo fiber is connecting new subscribers. The objective is to link more than 50,000 new households to fiber optics this year, while development progress varies by region.


  • A fiber optic line to Haukiputaa will be completed by Valoo Fiber Optics in the fall of 2021.
  • Valoo is now working on fiber optic projects in 23 different Finnish cities with a target of connecting over 50,000 additional homes to fiber optics this year.
  • The fiber optic project also includes Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Kiiminki, and Kotka as additional cities.

In order to connect more homes to high-speed internet, Valoo, a Finnish fiber optic internet service provider, is making substantial headway in expanding its network. Since the building of a fiber optic connection to Haukiputaa started in the fall of 2021, the firm welcomed new customers in Paukiputaa in April. December of the same year saw the commissioning of the first fiber optic link.

Work Progress in Haukiputaa

Recently, Valoo shared its network development work progress. While there were some delays and difficulties with the earthworks during the summer of 2022, the commissioning of Haukiputaa’s regions 4 and 5 is presently in progress and scheduled for the spring of 2023. However, some specific attributes in these locations still require installation. After the main network’s development is complete, regions 1 and 12 of Haukiputaa are anticipated to be finished later this year.

Progress of Works in Other Areas

In the spring and summer of 2023, Valoo will also roll out fiber optic connections to further locations, including Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Kiiminki, and Kotka. According to the company’s predictions, electrical installation work is now being done in Kouvola, with areas 1-4 anticipated to be finished by week 17. Areas 8 and 13 in Lappeenranta are currently undergoing installation, and the first week of May will see the activation of fiber optic links.

With a projected completion date of the summer of 2023, excavation work for the trunk network in region 3 of Kiiminki is currently ongoing. As the work advances over the upcoming weeks, a more precise completion timetable for area 4 will be provided. In the upcoming weeks, Valoo Fiber Optics plans to outline the timetable for the installation of optical fiber in Kotka.

Valoo made agreements with multiple Contractors.

More optical fiber is being built by Valoo than by any other firm in Finland at this time. The corporation has contracts with seven different contractors to accomplish this, ensuring that the work goes as planned and that the excavators don’t run out of fuel. The building of a fiber optic network involves a number of stages, from excavation and site preparation through fiber terminal installation and core network work.

In addition to Hyvinkaa, where site preparation work and the installation of fiber terminal equipment will start in week 16, and Oulu, where core network construction will start in early May, Valoo is now working on fiber optic projects in 23 other cities.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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