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According to the most recent reports, True Speed will link 15,000 residences in the Southwest of England to its ultrafast network.

Truespeed connects 15,000 properties to ultrafast network, winning Technology award.

True Speed has successfully connected 15,000 users to its ultrafast network across the Southwest of England, ensuring that no town goes without access. To celebrate this achievement, the company listed 15 advantages that the ultrafast network has given to its customers.


  • In the South West (SW) of England, True Speed connects 15,000 houses via its ultrafast network.
  • Customers may work from any location, learn something new, and connect with coworkers from across the globe thanks to the ultrafast network.
  • In 2023, True speed won the Bath Life Award for Technology.

True Speed, a full-fibre broadband provider located in the UK, celebrates a significant accomplishment in the Southwest (SW) of England by connecting 15,000 properties to its ultrafast network. In order to guarantee that no community would lag behind in terms of connection, True speed was founded in 2014. However, the firm is overjoyed to announce this significant success due to the positive feedback from its growing client base.

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Not so Easy Feat

According to the firm, replacing slow and unreliable broadband in rural and semi-rural regions with its very own full-fiber network is no minor feat. The firm has increased the South West’s digital literacy for future generations and made it simpler for its consumers to connect with the things they value most by connecting 15,000 premises to its ultrafast network.

Celebrating 15,000th Connection

The company highlighted 15 ways it might help its clients connect, from speaking with friends and family to making travel plans, playing online games to discover new worlds, buying and selling items, and even supporting preferred charities.

Work From Anywhere

Thanks to the lightning-fast network, customers can work from anywhere, learn something new, connect with colleagues across the world, and even preserve the security of their house and technology.

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More gadgets than ever may connect to the network, making it possible to activate lights, start a wash, boil the kettle, or even switch off the heating simply by speaking. Additionally, the network streamlines weekly grocery shopping.

The superfast network also offers unlimited, round-the-clock access to a wide range of exciting movies, stories, exhibitions, and other information.

Technology – Bath Life Awards

The ‘Technology’ category of the 2023 Bath Life Awards has just been awarded by Bath-based full-fibre internet service company True Speed. “Building a gigabit-capable infrastructure from scratch has been an enormous challenge,” the firm claims, “but the team has been working tirelessly to roll out an ultrafast network and provide people and businesses throughout the Southwest with the required connectivity.”

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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