According to recent reports, True Caller offers more features for iPhones in addition to live caller ID.

True caller introduces Live Caller ID to improve communication experience.

True Caller has made Live Caller ID available for the first time on the iPhone by connecting with Siri. iPhone users may activate True Caller using their voice by saying “Hey Siri, Search True Caller” when a call comes in from an obscene number. The application will note the caller’s number, investigate them, and show the results on the calling screen.


  • The worldwide communications platform True Caller has released an important upgrade for iPhone users.
  • The upgrade includes brand-new, interesting technologies that provide people all around the world with a safer and better communication experience.
  • Using a Siri shortcut, True caller’s latest version brings Live Caller ID to iPhones for the first time. This feature will let users know who is calling them.

The global communications service True Caller has released a substantial update for iPhone users. The upgrade includes brand-new, interesting technologies that provide people all over the world with a safer and better communication experience. Since this update, the TRUE caller has made it possible for iPhone users to receive Live Caller ID, which uses a Siri shortcut to let the user know who is calling.

How to setup True caller Live Caller ID on iPhone

Follow these easy steps to set up Truecaller Live Caller ID

  • On the app’s “Premium” page, click “Add to Siri.”
  • With only one press, the Siri shortcut will be added. You will be required to provide Truecaller access to your smartphone before you can use the function for the first time. To prevent being prompted once more, choose “Always allow”.
  • When you’ve set up the Siri shortcut, you can say, “Hey Siri, search Truecaller,” anytime you get an incoming call, and Truecaller will immediately tell you who is calling.

Rishit Jhunjhunwala, managing director for India, expressed satisfaction with the Siri-powered Live Caller ID upgrade and the company’s commitment to the iOS platform.

True caller New Features for iPhones

Live Caller ID with Siri: Through an integration with Siri, Truecaller has made Live Caller ID available for the first time on the iPhone. When an iPhone user receives an incoming call from an unauthorized number, they can activate Truecaller verbally by saying, “Hey Siri, Search Truecaller.” The program will record the number, research the caller, and display the information on the calling screen. On iOS 16 and subsequent devices, this function is only available to premium customers.

2X Better Spam Detection: In order to better recognize and shield consumers from spam calls, True Caller has improved its spam detection capabilities. To guarantee better communication, premium subscribers receive automated updates to the spam list while free users can manually update the spam list.

Comments on Spam Numbers: With this upgrade, users can view and add comments on numbers that have been identified as spam, giving further context regarding the spammer’s true nature. By incorporating helpful community feedback, it significantly improves True caller’s spam detection abilities and gives users the ability to report on their own experiences.

Redesigned SMS Filtering: Received SMS messages will now be automatically sorted into the following categories: Finance, Orders, Reminders, Coupons, Offers, and Junk. In India, South Africa, and Nigeria, this capability is available for iOS 16 and newer users, and it will soon be available in other nations as well.

The most recent upgrade to True caller gives iPhone users even more convenience by doing manual number searches for them. The app’s functions are easy to access thanks to the integration with Siri, which also provides quick and precise results.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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