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As Per Latest Information TRAI Report: BSNL is the best mobile network in Voice Quality as compared to all other private operators in India.

BSNL Mobile Network is the best network in India which offers highest voice call quality as per the latest report generated in TRAI MyCall Analytics Portal.

According to the most recent data produced on the TRAI My Call Analytics Portal, the BSNL Mobile Network is the finest network in India and provides the greatest voice call quality. According to the most recent TRAI My Call report, the voice quality rating of state-run telecom giant Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is far better than that of any other commercial telecom service providers.

For those who are unaware, the TRAI My Call Portal examines user feedback ratings for voice call quality that were gathered through the TRAI My Call App. The ratings gathered by the My Call app are shown using a map on this page. By using the My Call app, users may rate how well their audio calls went. Following BSNL with a score of 3.4 for voice quality were Vodafone (3.2), Reliance Jio (3.1), Airtel (2.7), and Idea (2.5).

Call Quality Rating

BSNL achieved the highest consumer satisfaction rating for voice quality across all three market segments—indoor, outdoor, and traveling. Users gave voice quality when traveling the highest user rating in the country—4.3 out of 5—according to the study. No other telecom company in the country, including BSNL, has customer ratings for travel services that are greater than 4.0. The lowest score for call quality when traveling comes from Bharti Airtel (2.4). Vodafone scored the second-highest traveling voice quality rating of 3.5, while Reliance Jio had the lowest customer rating (3.1).

BSNL and Vodafone obtained the highest customer rating of 3.4 for indoor voice quality, followed by Reliance Jio (3.1) and Bharti Airtel (3.0). Idea has the lowest indoor voice quality rating (2.6) among all operators. BSNL (3.3) has the highest outdoor voice call quality rating, followed by Reliance Jio (3.2), Vodafone (2.9), Bharti Airtel (2.6), and Idea (2.2).

Overall Call Quality Experience

While just 19.68% of BSNL Mobile customers evaluated the voice quality as unsatisfactory and 17.12% of consumers experienced call drops, more than 63.2% of BSNL Mobile customers are happy with the service. The poorest call quality experience was reported by Idea consumers (32.14%), who also reported 20.48% of call drops on the Idea network.

According to the TRAI My Call report, the two mobile networks in the nation with more than 60% of happy consumers in voice call quality are BSNL and Vodafone. They are followed by Bharti Airtel (50.11%) and Reliance Jio (57.51%). Only 47.88% of consumers in the Idea network evaluated the voice call quality as good.

BSNL is the most respected telecom company in India, receiving the highest ratings for voice quality from its customers across the country. For both domestic (such as at home or the office) and international travel, we may rely on the BSNL mobile network. The BSNL mobile network is available throughout the whole country, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Only BSNL has shown to be the most reliable provider in difficult situations like landslides and floods. Despite not having obtained 4G spectrum, BSNL has started rolling out 4G LTE services using the current 2100MHz band, which was previously reserved for 3G service. Customers may download files more quickly with BSNL 4G than they can with other private providers.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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