As Per Latest Information to compete with private firms, Minister Manoj Sinha advises BSNL staff to put in more effort.

BSNL staff advised applying for VRS due to competition.

Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha urged the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) staff to put in more effort in light of the escalating competition from private firms. At the Tuesday BSNL Heads of Circle Conference, the Minister advised underperforming staff to apply for VRS.

According to Economic Times and Business Standard, the warning was brought up when discussing the problem of providing internet in rural areas. No delays, according to Minister Sinha, would be accepted in connecting 100,000-gram panchayats to an optical fiber by March 2017, as planned. By December 2018, the government hopes to have completed unit panchayats’ rural connection.

“Those who work diligently ought to be rewarded. Additionally, authorities from regions where there have been complaints of slow growth should use VRS, the minister said. He also discussed the potential implementation of “performance-related related pay” for BSNL during the conference and requested that the Telecom Secretary study the issue. “Good employees must undoubtedly be rewarded, but the belief that payment will be received on the first of the month must be abandoned,”

I reviewed your status report…There are several areas that are growing negatively. There is no reason for such people to exist any longer. He asserted that BSNL won’t be able to advance or improve if those in charge of the slow development remain in their current positions for a while.

J. S. Deepak, the telecom secretary, highlighted that since April 2015, BSNL has regularly performed well by generating an operational profit and expanding its market share. The state-run operator’s income increased by 4.4% from the prior year to Rs. 28, 450 crores in 2015-2016. The operator has set up approximately 26,000 mobile towers in the previous two years, and according to BSNL CMD Anupam Srivastav, it expects to put up an additional 20,000 towers this fiscal year.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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