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Based on the most current data, it is evident from the July 2021 TRAI Report that BSNL is seeing significant growth in the Fibre Broadband (FTTH) segment.

Sure. We are seeing a comeback of our BSNL’s former greatness. The current TRAI Report for July 2021 indicates a clear indication of BSNL’s strong resurgence in the Fiber Broadband (FTTH) Segment. We have already seen the outstanding performance that BSNL has already demonstrated throughout the FTTH phase, not just in Kerala but also across all of India’s telecom circles.

As consistent with TRAI’s telecom subscription records for July 2021, BSNL introduced a wide variety of Wireline Connections compared to all different non-public operators withinside the country. In July 2021, BSNL activated 5,06,674 new constant line (wireline) connections and maintained the No.1 role withinside the constant line section. With this notable performance, BSNL has elevated its marketplace percentage withinside the wireline section to 35.33% with which the second biggest operator being Bharti Airtel with a 22.40% marketplace percentage as of July 2021. The 0.33 biggest wireline operator is Reliance Jio that is having a marketplace percentage of simply 18.37% only.

BSNL rides on Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Connections!

Sure. At some time during such pandemic moments, Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Service, marketed under the name “Bharat Fiber,” has to prove to be BSNL’s lifeline. It’s no longer only because it’s affordable; rather, it’s because it offers superior overall performance and reliable bandwidth when compared to all other residential ISPs now available in India. With innovative intentions to cover every nook and cranny of the US with an ultrafast GPON network, BSNL has now decided to provide distinctive appeal to its FTTH enterprise sector.

BSNL FTTH via LCOs: Eliminates Last Mile Restrictions

With its strong optical fiber community, BSNL serves as India’s national telecom backbone. The inability of BSNL to provide closing-mile connection to disgruntled customers was something that it truly lacked. The situation with regard to BSNL DSL Broadband Services and BSNL Mobile Services is the same. Although BSNL maintains an MPLS-enabled fiber network across India, closing mile restrictions have a significant impact on the delivery of services to customer locations.

In order to overcome this obstacle, BSNL has entered into sales percentage agreements with Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIPs), Multi System Operators (MSOs), and Local Cable TV Operators (LCOs) to boost closing mile optical fiber connectivity to terminate clients in areas where BSNL’s direct FTTH connections aren’t practical. Following the launch of the LCO-Business version, BSNL began to widely deploy fiber broadband connections, mostly in Kerala Telecom Circle.

Total Wireline Subscribers in India

By the end of July 21, there were 22.161 million wireline customers, up from 21.744 million at the end of June 21. The number of wireline subscribers using the internet increased to 0.88 million, with a monthly price rise of 4.04%. By the end of July 21, the overall wireline teledensity in India had increased from 1.59% on June 21 to 1.65%.

Total Broadband Subscribers in India

As in step with the facts obtained from 455 operators in July 2021 in contrast to 440 Operators in June 2021, the whole Broadband Subscribers improved from 792. seventy-eight million on the quit of June 21 to 808.60 million on the quit of July- 21 with a month-to-month boom fee of 2%.

July 2021: Segment-wise Broadband Subscribers and Monthly Growth Rate

Top Five Broadband Operators in India

As of July 21, the top 5 provider vendors accounted for 98.77 percent of all broadband users in the marketplace. The providers who supplied these services were Reliance Jio InfoComm Ltd (446.68 million), Bharti Airtel (201.77), Vodafone Idea (123.77), BSNL (24.26 million), and Atria Convergence (1. 93 million).

Top Five Wired Broadband Service Providers in India

As on 31st July 2021, the top five Wired Broadband Service providers were BSNL (5.83 million), Bharti Airtel (3.54 million), Reliance Jio InfoComm Ltd (3.47 million), Atria Convergence Technologies (1.93 million) and Hathway Cable & Datacom (1.07 million).

Top Five Wireless Broadband Service Providers in India

As of the thirty-first of July 2021, the pinnacle 5 Wireless Broadband Service vendors have been Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd (443. sixty-one million), Bharti Airtel (198.23 million), Vodafone Idea (123. ninety-seven million), BSNL (17.89 million) and Ticona Infinet Ltd. (0.31 million).

Total Wireless subscribers In India

Total wi-fi subscribers improved from 1,180. eighty-three million on the cease of June 21 to 1,186. eighty-four million on the cease of July 21, thereby registering a month-to-month increase price of 0.51%. The Wireless Tele-density in India improved from 86.48% at the cease of June- 21 to 86.85% at the cease of July 21.

As on 31st July 2021, the person who gets admission to carrier companies held a 90.09% marketplace proportion of the wi-fi subscribers while BSNL and MTNL, the 2 PSUs get admission to carrier companies, had a marketplace proportion of simplest 9.91%. BSNL’s Market proportion withinside the Wireless section is 9.64% while MTNL is having a marketplace proportion of 0.28%. The marketplace chief Jio is having a marketplace proportion of 37.34% accompanied via way of means of Bharti Airtel (29.83%) and Vodafone Idea (22.91%).

Market leader, Jio delivered the most quantity of cell connections in July 2021 once they activated extra than sixty-five lakh plus new cell connections while the second biggest operator Bharti Airtel may want to prompt simply 19 lakh plus new cell connections throughout the equal period. All different wi-fi operators misplaced their clients in July 2021. Vodafone Idea misplaced most connections (14 lakh plus) accompanied via way of means of BSNL (10 lakh plus).

Growth in Wireless Subscribers

By including sixty-five lakh plus new cellular connections, Jio maintained the most increase price of 1.49% in July 2021. Airtel’s month-to-month increase price is simply 0.55% for the duration of the equal period. MTNL, Vodafone Idea, BSNL, and Reliance Communication witnessed a bad increase in wi-fi subscribers in July 2021

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

During the month of July 21, a complete of 10. ninety-nine million requests have been obtained for MNP. The cumulative MNP requests extended from 605.88 million on the give-up of June 21 to 616.87 million on the give-up of July-21, because of the implementation of the MNP. In MNP, the best wide variety of requests up to now was obtained in Maharashtra (approximately 50. seventy-one million) observed through Karnataka (approximately 49.60 million) provider area

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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