As Per Latest Information Telenet to Expand 5G Network to Brussels and Wallonia

Telenet and Base plan to invest 300 million euros in 5G rollout by 2025.

Two Belgian telecom operators, Telenet and Base, have expanded the reach of their 5G networks, with more than 850 mobile stations now providing 5G service in more than 260 towns. Brussels does not yet have 5G coverage due to the delay in adopting electromagnetic wave emission regulations, but with the recent ratification of standards in Wallonia and Brussels, the firms should soon be allowed to expand their 5G network.


  • Since December 2021, Telenet and Base have been extending their 5G network throughout Belgium.
  • Over 260 localities have one or more operational 5G towers, and over 850 mobile sites now offer 5G coverage.
  • By 2025, Telenet and Base expect to have invested about 300 million euros on the technology.

Impressive numbers on the growth of their 5G network in Belgium since its launch 500 days ago have been released by Belgium telecom companies Telenet and Base. Since December 2021, the firms have been progressively expanding their 5G network, and they are currently on the verge of meeting their coverage goals.

5G Network Coverage

With more than 260 localities having at least one active 5G tower, there are currently more than 850 mobile sites that offer 5G coverage. The majority of the sites are located in Flanders, particularly in and around important cities like Antwerp, Ghent, Genk, Leuven, Mechelen, Aalst, Hasselt, Kortrijk, and Lokeren, as well as along the coast.

The telco claims that the Belgian coast also enjoys good 5G coverage, with certain zones reaching close to 85%. Additionally, special attention is paid to the roadways that connect heavily populated areas.

No 5G Coverage in Brussels yet

Brussels does not yet have 5G coverage, and the approval of electromagnetic wave emission guidelines has been postponed. In contrast, just a small portion of Mons and Ath as well as the territory surrounding the airport in Charleroi are covered in Wallonia. Telenet and Base could soon be allowed to expand their 5G networks thanks to the recent acceptance of standards in Wallonia and Brussels.

5G Rollout in Wallonia and Brussels

By 2025, the corporations expect to have invested about 300 million euros in the technological deployment, with plans to expand the number of locations across the country only this year. Telenet and Base are now prepared to begin the deployment in Wallonia and Brussels after originally just covering Flanders. The telecom stated that zones with the highest capacity requirements will be the first to receive attention.

Growth in 5G Data Usage by 50% per month

The daily consumption of 5G data has increased by an average of 50% every month over the last year, according to Telenet and Base, and this trend has maintained. This growth rate exceeds that observed with the introduction of 4G. The business estimates that the amount of data traffic generated by 5G technology is now about 4%, compared to 94% for 4G and less than 2% for 2G and 3G.

5G Device Penetration

Finally, the companies are also witnessing steady growth in the penetration of 5G phones among their customers. Currently, about 30% of smartphones using Telenet and Base’s network are compatible with 5G, compared to 22% a year ago. Furthermore, around 85% of smartphones sold in March 2023 were 5G-compatible, compared to only 70% in the same month last year.

Telenet and Base Brands

The business provides residential clients in Flanders and Brussels with digital television, high-speed internet, and fixed and mobile phone services under the name Telenet. Under the brand name Base, the firm provides mobile phone consumers in Belgium with service.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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