As Per Latest Information STC Becomes the First Operator to Launch Enhanced Voice Service in Bahrain

STC Bahrain is the first operator in the Kingdom to offer EVS.

As the first operator in the Kingdom to provide its clients super HD sound quality, STC Bahrain has teamed up with Huawei to provide Enhanced sound Service (EVS). All users with eligible devices can use the new technology, which is compatible with all 4G and 5G networks, at no additional cost.


Huawei and STC Bahrain have teamed to provide Enhanced Voice Service (EVS).
For a better calling experience, EVS offers super HD sound quality and eliminates background noise.
The first provider of this technology in the Kingdom is STC Bahrain.

STC Bahrain has teamed with Huawei to provide its customers with Enhanced Voice Service (EVS), making it the first operator in the Kingdom to do so. EVS is a brand-new speech feature created to give users enhanced voice clarity and quality while lowering background noise for an improved calling experience.

In a statement, STC Bahrain said that it was committed to provide clients cutting-edge solutions to improve their communication experience. The successful introduction of EVS is a reflection of STC Bahrain’s commitment to innovate and give its clients the greatest support.

All STC Bahrain customers have access to the EVS Service.

All STC Bahrain customers with suitable devices have access to the new technology without paying any additional fees or penalties. Since the technology works with all 4G and 5G networks, consumers may make and receive calls with ultra-HD speech quality.

According to the statement, the introduction of EVS represents a critical turning point for STC Bahrain, solidifying its position as the nation’s top supplier of cutting-edge and creative telecommunications services. Customers may benefit from EVS’s crystal-clear audio quality and increased call dependability, even in loud settings.

The introduction of EVS by STC Bahrain, the first operator in the Kingdom, is predicted to fundamentally alter how people connect and communicate.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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