The most recent information With the help of Infinera and Nokia, Sparkle improves the global optical network

Sparkle deploys Infinera and Nokia technologies to connect 23 Points of Presence in Europe.

Sparkle has used Infinera and Nokia technology on its worldwide optical networks to enhance its connection capabilities and meet the growing market demand. The modification will increase the overall capacity of Sparkle’s terrestrial and subsea networks with speeds up to 800G.


  • On its global networks, Sparkle uses cutting-edge Infinera and Nokia technology.
  • 23 significant Points of Presence in Europe will be connected initially.
  • The new technology will also help Sparkle’s exclusive optical subsea links.

On its worldwide optical terrestrial and subsea networks, Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy, has announced the adoption of cutting-edge technologies provided by Infinera and Nokia. The change intends to improve its offering and satisfy the rising market need on a global scale.

Increase in Transmission Capacity

With the installation of C band + L band (“C+L”) photonic nodes on Sparkle’s terrestrial lines across Europe, the Middle East, and South America, the transmission capacity of each fiber pair is anticipated to grow to 38.4 Tbps. In order to connect important locations, this will offer high-performance, scalable, and assured connection services up to 800G per wavelength.

According to reports, the new technology would first be dispersed over a distance of 12,465 kilometers among 23 significant Points of Presence (PoPs) in Europe, with the first link connecting Milan and Frankfurt. Additionally, Sparkle’s distinctive optical subsea lines, like the envisioned Blue Med fiber pairs, will benefit from the C+L technology.

Capacity Enhancement using C+ L technology.

On the Med Nautilus in the Mediterranean Basin, the Curie in the Pacific Ocean, the Seabras and Monet in the Atlantic, as well as on the remaining subsea infrastructures, the C+L technology will be used for every new capacity upgrade. Managers of bandwidth and spectrum services will have far more latitude as a result, pushing the bounds of the services’ initial design even beyond.

Sparkle strengthens its competitiveness and its position as a market leader in the global telecoms industry with this extensive deployment of the C+L technology on its network.

It is believed that Sparkle’s action would raise customer interest and strengthen the company’s standing within the industry. Additionally, it shows that the company is working hard to keep its top spot in the telecoms industry by providing the most cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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