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According to current knowledge, minors are not eligible to receive SIM cards (mobile connections)!

Still. You cannot get a new mobile phone connection from any of the Indian telecom provider firms if you are underage. Per the directives of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), no mobile service provider in the United States of America is allowed to issue SIM cards to underage individuals. The same applies in the case of fixed-line connections as well.

A customer Acquisition Form (CAF) is absolutely an agreement between a consumer and telecom provider (TSP) in which positive phrases and situations concerning the provider, invoice payment, disconnection, etc. are collectively agreed upon at the time of signing the software form. The Indian Contract Act, of 1872 prescribes the regulation regarding contracts in India and is an important thing act regulating Indian agreement regulation

According to Section 11 of The Indian Contract Act, anybody can enter into a contract as long as they are able to:

1 He/she should not be a minor i.e., an individual who has not attained the age of majority i.e., 18 years in normal case and 21 years if guardian is appointed by the Court.

2 He or she must be competent to enter into a contract. A person who is occasionally of sound mind but generally of unsound mind is not permitted to enter into a contract while he is in sound mind. In a same vein, a person who is normally of sound mind but occasionally becomes unsound may not enter into a legally binding agreement when in that state.

3 He/she is not disqualified from contracting by any other law to which he is subject.

Department of Telecom (DoT) has issued directions to all Telecommunication Service Providers (TSPs) in the country to comply with these regulations.

In this context, the DoT sent out the following formal email to all telecom operators: –

Minors shouldn’t be given SIM cards. CAF is an agreement. It is also acknowledged that only those who reach majority age and are competent to enter into contracts. Furthermore, a contract that is not legally enforceable is deemed invalid.

No cell operator in the nation is permitted to offer mobile SIM cards to minors in accordance with the aforementioned DoT directives. The telecom service provider is in charge of adhering to DoT regulations. The CAFs signed by minors are regarded as illegitimate CAFs since they lack legal validity.

I am a Minor. How Can I use a Mobile Connection?

It is against Indian law and Department of Telecommunication (DoT) regulations for you to sign up for a cellphone subscription. But if you truly want to utilize the service, you may use the mobile connection that is set up under your parent’s name.

How many mobile connections may a person make under their own name?

As in step with the present-day Government directions, someone can avail a most of 18 cell connections in his/her call which incorporates nine SIMs that may be used for ordinary cell telecell smartphone communications or to be used in gadgets which have a slot for them. The different nine SIMs may be bought for M2M communications. According to the guidelines, withinside the case wherein M2M is needed to be pre-established in gadgets, it’ll be the duty of tool makers to finish subscriber verification. However, it’ll be the duty of the man or woman or quit consumer to replace subscriber information if she or he transfers the tool to every other consumer.

Please spread the word about this important information to all of your friends and family, especially the retailers. What percentage of you had your SIM card activated while still a minor? Are all Indian cell operators properly adhering to these guidelines?

What do you think?

Written by Shallu Srivastav

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