The most current information is that Optus has launched a voice assistant powered by AI to enhance customer support.

Optus introduces in-call voice assistant using Google Cloud AI.

To provide customers with a quicker and clearer experience, Optus has introduced an in-call voice assistant using Dialog flow, a conversational AI platform from Google Cloud. Thanks to technology, customers may explain the cause for their call-in natural language.


  • The voice assistant takes use of Dialog flow, a conversational AI platform from Google Cloud, to quickly link customers to the relevant expert.
  • Users can save more than 30 seconds by using the Optus Voice Assistant instead of the phone’s menu.
  • The Optus Voice Assistant also uses NICE’s CX One platform to offer conversational AI-based client identification and verification.

With Dialog flow, Google Cloud’s conversational AI platform, the Australian telecommunications company Optus has launched its in-call voice assistant to provide users with a quick, easy, and seamless experience. Customers may utilize the new AI technology to explain the reason for their call-in natural language, and the voice assistant will quickly point them in the direction of the appropriate professional.

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Customers may save time by utilizing Optus Voice Assistant rather than using the phone menu.

Coverage. Customers who use the new service instead of the phone’s menu system have, on average, saved over 30 seconds since the Optus Voice Assistant was released in February. A significant decrease in callers who hang up after selecting the support option on their phones has also been seen by Optus.

Optus Voice Assistant Allows for a Customer-Centric Approach to Customer Service

According to the statement, Optus is striving to provide a customer-centric approach by allowing customers to speak instead of selecting from pre-configured choices. The telco is now better able to determine the actual reason behind each customer’s call with the help of Optus Voice Assistant and change its route accordingly.

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The Optus Voice Assistant also uses NICE’s CX One platform, which the company claims is a first in the world, to make it simpler and more secure to identify and authenticate customers using conversational AI. This technology of automatic identification and authentication speeds up time savings while enhancing authenticity.

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NICE is focusing on ongoing partnership for Optus’ AI-powered initiatives after Optus’ contact center has been transferred to NICE CXone. The installation of the Optus Voice Assistant highlights Optus’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction and provides a platform for comparable advancements in the industry.

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