As Per Latest Information Nokia’s PSE-V Trial with Telin Achieves Record Capacity for Submarine Network

Nokia’s PSE-Vs technology sets a new record in Indonesia with 500 Gbps per channel.

Nokia and Lintas successfully tested Nokia’s PSE-V super coherent optics on the undersea live network of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International’s (Telin) Indonesia Global Gateway (IGG), recording a fibre capacity of 11 Tbps in the 2.2 THz of optical fiber spectrum.


  • Nokia’s PSE-V super coherent chipset (PSE-Vs) has been successfully certified by Lintas in a testing.
  • In Indonesia, Nokia’s PSE-Vs technology, which has a 500 Gbps per channel capacity, has broken a previous record.
  • An underwater cable of 3,551 kilometers was used for the testing.

The successful trial of Nokia’s next-generation PSE-V super coherent optics on the submarine live network of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) and Lintas of Indonesia could result in a significant increase in capacity for Telin’s network.

A method to improve Telin’s capacity by 31%

The PSE-V super coherent solution from Nokia surpassed the quality standard established by Telin throughout the experiment, recording a fiber capacity of 11 Tbps in the 2.2 THz of optical fiber spectrum. The test also shown that Nokia’s solution may boost capacity by about 31% while reducing Telin’s total cost of ownership.

Nokia PSE-V super coherent chipset

The second-generation Probabilistic Constellation Shaping (PCS) technology that powers Nokia’s PSE-V super coherent chipset provides optimal spectrum utilisation while assisting service providers in lowering cost per bit.

Thanks to the trial’s use of Nokia’s 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) for Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) and repeater loading the 1830 Photonic Services Interconnect – Modular (PSI-M) compact modular platform for PSE-Vs transponder cards, Telin was able to further increase spectral efficiency on its subsea cable systems, including repeaters.

Telin, International arm of Telkom Indonesia

The largest network operator in Indonesia, Telkom Indonesia, has an international division called Telin. With 58 points of presence across 26 countries and 27 undersea cables totalling more than 250,140 kilometers in length, Telin provides goods and services to a large international client base.

Jurong in Singapore is connected to Manado in Indonesia through a submarine cable.

A 3,551 km underwater cable connected Jurong, Singapore, to Manado, Indonesia, for the trial’s use last year. Compared to the old equipment’s 400 Gbps per channel, Nokia and Telin’s measurements show a capability of 500 Gbps per channel. Telin is now better prepared to handle the expanding capacity demand and enhance network performance thanks to the trial’s success.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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