According to the most recent information, Nokia is leading the market for optical line terminals in India. Omdia

Nokia is the market leader in OLT and ONT technology in India.

The optical line terminal (OLT) industry in India would be dominated by Nokia in 2022, according to a forecast by Omdia, with a market share of over 70%. Nokia has a 20% market share in India for optical network terminal (ONT) technology, according to the research.


  • With a market share of more than 70% in 2022, Nokia’s Lightspan FX series of OLT access nodes will be the market leader in India.
  • Smaller low-density OLTs are offered by forthcoming next-generation GPON access nodes to accommodate a range of situations and needs.
  • According to Omdia’s analysis, Nokia has a sizable market share in India’s ONT market.

According to Omdia’s analysis, Nokia, the multinational Finnish telecommunications company, would have over 70% of the optical line terminal (OLT) market share in India by 2022. Nokia has a 20% market share in India for optical network terminal (ONT) technology, according to the same report.

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Demand for High-Capacity Broadband Connectivity

India has seen a sharp increase in the need for high-capacity broadband connectivity, driven by a number of new use cases, the growing trend of remote work, and the digitization of several business verticals. As a result, fiber connection is given top priority by both fixed and mobile operators in India, with a large portion of the demand coming from FTTH and transport networks for 5G mobile operator installations.

Nokia Lightspan FX product Line

Given that they can accommodate a variety of situations and needs, Nokia’s current Lightspan FX product lines and planned next-generation GPON access nodes have gained popularity among Indian service providers. Additionally, the company’s technologies have helped both landline and mobile providers in India by enabling the growth of fiber connection.

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The statement claims that PON equipment has a huge opportunity due to FTTP installations in emerging nations. Nokia seized the chance in 2021 and 2022 and increased its market share significantly.

With the adoption of digital technology and the government’s focus on creating a digital economy, the telecom sector in India has been expanding quickly. The success of Nokia in the OLT market demonstrates both the company’s dominance in the Indian market and its capacity to satisfy the country’s rising demand for high-speed internet access.

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