According to the most recent information, Nokia and Lightstorm have partnered to expand India’s optical network.

Nokia and Lightstorm to expand optical network coverage.

In order to increase the optical network coverage of Lightstorm in India’s Eastern and Northern regions, Nokia has established a cooperation with Lightstorm. To assist Lightstorm in deploying Nokia’s most recent C+L band WDM optical line system solutions, Nokia will provide the most recent WDM optical network solutions, integration services, and advisory services.


  • Nokia and Lightstorm collaborate in India to increase the reach of the optical network.
  • The most recent WDM optical network solutions and consulting services will be provided by Nokia.
  • Through a partnership, Lightstorm will be able to provide more capacity to both current and potential clients.

Nokia and Lightstorm have partnered in order to expand Lightstorm’s optical network coverage in Northern and Eastern India. According to the terms of the agreement, Nokia will give Lightstorm its most current wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) optical network solutions as well as consulting and integration services to help with the implementation of its most recent C+L band WDM optical line system solutions. These solutions contain safety features to guarantee network resilience in the event of repeated fiber cuts.


Lightstorm delivers next-generation network architecture for corporate clients with decreased latency, 100% uptime, and full end-to-end control and administration capabilities. Lightstorm is a supplier of carrier-neutral digital infrastructure to enterprise customers. As it extends its coverage east and north across wide swaths of India, Lightstorm is expanding its current relationship with Nokia.

Nokia Product Portfolio

Nokia’s 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) optical transport platform, which includes its fifth-generation coherent optic chipset, will be used by Lightstorm’s expanded network to increase overall capacity to several terabytes.

Add capacity for Lightstorm Customers

With this considerable increase, Lightstorm will be able to serve its current customers in a larger capacity and welcome new clients with a much better standard of advantages. In addition, Nokia’s sixth-generation PSE-6 is future-proofed for the 1830 PSS, which will be crucial as capacity needs rise.

Nokia’s DWDM products provide advanced digital services for enterprise customers in India, offering high capacity and automation.

“Lightstorm’s partnership with Nokia will help the company achieve its goals of rapid network route expansion with the benefit of added capacity.”

The collaboration between Nokia and Lightstorm underscores Nokia’s commitment to advancing the Digital India goal and marks a significant advancement in the extension of optical network coverage in India.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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