The most recent information In Finland, Nokia is deploying a 10G broadband network for Valoo.

Nokia’s XGS-PON solution reduces carbon footprint.

By the end of 2026, Nokia will have built a 10G broadband network for the Finnish operator Valoo that will connect 200,000 homes. Altiplano broadband access controller with SDAN capabilities and fiber access nodes make up the system, which is powered by Nokia’s Quillion chipset.


  • Finland’s first complete XGS-PON system from Nokia.
  • Compared to conventional point-to-point methods, there is a 95% reduction in carbon footprint.
  • DIF Capital Partners owns Valoo, which is experiencing extensive fiber advancements in the Finnish market.

Nokia has been contracted by Finnish operator Valoo to develop a lightning-fast 10G internet network. The construction of this network makes use of fiber access nodes for the central office and Nokia’s Altiplano broadband access controller with SDAN capabilities. The new network will connect 200,000 homes in and around 30 cities by the end of 2026.

XGS-PON Deployment

The Quillion chipset from Nokia, which enables the deployment of XGS-PON and is prepared for 25G PON when Valoo needs to increase capacity, powers this new network. This chipset solution has a 95% reduced carbon footprint than conventional point-to-point systems because it also lowers emissions and increases energy efficiency.

In a statement, Valoo stated, “With Nokia’s state-of-the-art Lightspan multi-gigabit fiber broadband solution, we can provide our consumers with the greatest technology available in the fiber world. We are able to provide network access to several clients via the same fiber with the aid of the solution, speeding up internet connections up to 20 gigabits and beyond. With Nokia’s new Altiplano controller, we can supply the Finnish market with state-of-the-art open access network solutions.

Last but not least, Nokia’s multi-gig fiber has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional point-to-point solutions since it requires 95% less energy. We are the first Finnish fiber provider to provide users multi-gigabit fiber made by Nokia as of this spring.

Valoo’s Focus on Fiber Broadband Access

Valoo, which specializes in fiber broadband access and is undertaking extensive fiber improvements in the Finnish market, is owned entirely by DIF Capital Partners, an independent infrastructure equity firm with over EUR 15 billion in global assets. The firm wants to speed internet connections up to 20 Gbps and beyond for its consumers by offering them the greatest fiber technology available.

Nokia claims that “With Altiplano controller, Valoo has laid the foundation for automation in the broadband access network, which is essential for operators looking to innovate with advanced digital broadband offerings while keeping their operational expenditure under control.”

Valoo Finland

This collaboration between Nokia and Valoo seeks to provide citizens of Finland with high-speed fiber internet while maintaining low emissions and excellent energy efficiency.

All around the nation, Valoo installs and manages 100% fiber-optic networks. The option to join the fiber network for free and without paying for cable is being offered for the first time by Valoo, a fiber optic firm. The business is committed to constructing more fiber optic connections in 2023 than previous operators have been able to in a single year.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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