The most recent information Collaboration Between MediaTek and Inmarsat to Bring Satellite Services to Smartphones

MediaTek and Inmarsat collaborate to provide ultra-reliable, two-way satellite services.

The collaboration is based on MediaTek’s 5G NTN technology, which makes advantage of Inmarsat’s ELERA L-band satellite network. Through this collaboration, the producers of smartphones, mobile network operators, and a bigger ecosystem for the Internet of Things will be able to swiftly release satellite-enabled goods and services on the market.


  • Together, MediaTek and Inmarsat will provide a range of industries ultra-reliable, two-way satellite services.
  • For the quick rollout of new services, the alliance will rely on current chipsets, 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) standards, and Inmarsat’s worldwide satellite infrastructure.
  • Consumer and business customers worldwide will have quick access to 5G satellite services thanks to the agreement.

Inmarsat and MediaTek have partnered to offer two-way, ultra-reliable satellite services to the automotive, IoT, and other industries. In order to deliver satellite services like two-way text messaging, emergency communications, device tracking and monitoring, among other features, without the need for pointing on most devices, the partnership intends to make it possible for cell carriers, device makers, and others.

Leverage 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) standards

The two companies will make use of existing chipsets, 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) standards, and the trustworthy global satellite network of Inmarsat in order to swiftly roll out new NTN services. This agreement calls for the commercial release of items with satellite capabilities as well as cooperative technological development.

Over the past three years, Inmarsat and MediaTek have carried out a number of successful live, in-orbit demonstrations of two-way communications to demonstrate how effectively their technologies and space assets operate together in actual applications.

Satellite-to-Device Capability

As a result of this study, major network operators and device makers are testing MediaTek chipsets with Inmarsat’s L-band network for direct-to-device, two-way satellite communication.

With MediaTek, Inmarsat can provide a user-friendly route to satellite-to-device functionality for smartphone companies and others.

The partnership is expected to place the sector on a realistic course and give professional and consumer customers quick access to 5G satellite services as well as the global 5G ecosystem as a whole.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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