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As Per Latest Information List of BSNL prepaid recharge plans bundled with FREE BSNL Tunes and unlimited song change option.

BSNL has started offering VAS bundled prepaid recharge plans and STVs to its customers all over the country

VAS bundled prepaid recharge plans and STVs are now being made available to BSNL customers nationwide. Caller Tune / Hello Tune service is one of the most well-liked value-added services in the mobile sector. VAS services like Caller Tune and PRBT (Personalized Ring Back Tone) provide a significant portion of revenue.

Customers who subscribe to specific recharge plans and STVs can enjoy BSNL Tunes, the company’s brand name for its PRBT services, completely free of charge. Customers also have the option to alter their chosen caller tune or greeting song as needed by refilling FREE BSNL Tune packs.

By recharging their BSNL prepaid mobile number with the necessary denomination either online or through retailer outlets, customers can activate any of the aforementioned BSNL Prepaid Plans or STVs. Customers can also choose to activate their self-care by SMS to 123 or by dialing a USSD short number. The free BSNL Tunes bundle, however, will only be enabled for Online / C-Top Up recharge. Customers who activate the aforementioned deals by SMS or USSD will not receive the included FREE BSNL Tunes, according to this.

Prepaid Mobile BSNL Customers may activate the caller tune of their choosing using the My BSNL Tunes mobile app. Customers may play and activate songs with only one click using the My BSNL Tunes mobile app. Additionally, it provides a vast array of choices, including the ability to configure distinct Caller tunes for various contacts, auto-detect Profile Tune – In Meeting, device on Silent, device on Low Battery, roaming, etc. Customers can enable Name Tunes as well. You may introduce yourself to callers by turning on name songs.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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