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The most recent information To prevent disconnections, link your Aadhar Number to an active BSNL Mobile Number. BSNL has started re-verifying mobile connections using e-KYC.

BSNL linking Aadhar Numbers with existing mobile connections.

To connect the Aadhar Numbers of its present mobile subscribers, BSNL has started implementing e-KYC as instructed by the DoT (Department of Telecommunication). Customers of BSNL may quickly connect their present mobile connection to their Aadhar number.

A BSNL customer can go to any BSNL Customer Service Center or BSNL retailer shop that has an e-KYC facility to link their Aadhar number. BSNL’s authorized representatives can use a biometric fingerprint scanner to link an existing mobile number to an Aadhar number. Electronic Know Your Customer, or e-KYC, is a technique for electronically confirming a customer’s identity and address.

How may an existing BSNL mobile (prepaid and postpaid) connection be re-verified (linked to an Aadhar number)?

  • With your Aadhar Number and active BSNL Mobile connection, visit any BSNL outlet, such as a BSNL Customer Service Center or a BSNL Retailer store.
  • Give BSNL personnel or an agent your current mobile number.
  • You will immediately obtain a four-digit PIN on your active BSNL Mobile number after submitting your information in the BSNL system (BSNL Swift App or BSNL eKYC Application).
  • Give your Aadhar number and the PIN to the BSNL employee or representative.
  • You will be asked to place your thumb on the biometric fingerprint scanner by BSNL personnel or an agent. Your Aadhar information will be visible for re-verification on the BSNL e-KYC App’s screen in a matter of seconds.
  • Customers’ addresses and other information that will be shown on their system will need to be verified.
  • Once you’ve given your final approval, they

A confirmation SMS will be sent to the consumer 24 hours after the re-verification process. The customer must text “REV YES” or “REV NO” to 53734 within three days to complete the registration.

If no response is given in a timely manner, it will be assumed that the answer is “YES,” and the Aadhaar registration will be finished. Re-verification is cancelled, and the client is given a second chance to complete it if the response is “NO.” There is a two-time limit on re-verifications in cases of disagreement. For re-verification, all BSNL prepaid and postpaid users must link their Aadhar number to their current mobile number.

How can I find out if my Aadhar number is connected to my active BSNL mobile number?

  • Sending the SMS ‘REV NAME’ to 53734 would provide the consumer with information about their Aadhaar registration.

What would happen if I don’t re-verify my Aadhar or don’t submit it with e-KYC?

It can be responsible for disconnecting your current cell phone number, therefore save it and re-verify it as soon as possible with Aadhar.

The Indian Supreme Court has ordered all telecom companies to re-verify all of their customers’ mobile connections no later than February 6, 2018. Only BSNL’s licensed agents have access to the BSNL Swift App. The most recent app may be used to re-verify existing connections as well as issue new mobile connections.

Retailers / Agents of BSNL may access the most recent BSNL e-KYC Mobile App & RD Device Drivers by clicking the links below:

  • click here: the BSNL Swift App Version 14 (Re-verification, FRC & Outstation customers) right away.
  • RD Device Drivers for “Startek” Devices may be downloaded at
  • Visit this link to download the RD Device Drivers for “Secugen” devices.
  • Download RD Device Drivers for ‘Morpho’ Devices at

How many of you have already gone to a BSNL location to request re-verification? Please tell us about your experience. Please submit any questions you may have about the re-verification procedure in the comments section below.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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