As Per Latest Information Green Mountain to Expand Operations at OSL1-Enebakk Facility

Green Mountain expanding operations with 10 MW building to increase client’s footprint.

Green Mountain is adding a new 10 MW structure to its Enebakk site west of Oslo to expand operations there. The building is an expansion to two already-existing structures used to host a global cloud service, and it will increase the client’s total footprint to 18 MW.


  • At its Enebakk facility in Norway, Green Mountain is developing a new 10 MW data center building.
  • May 2024 is the projected completion date.
  • In December 2022, Green Mountain will also have finished a 13.5 MW colocation facility at the Enebakk complex.

At its OSL1-Enebakk location south of Oslo, Green Mountain, a Norwegian provider of sustainable data centers, plans to increase the size of its operation. The two-story structure will add 5800 square meters to the client’s entire footprint, bringing it to 18 MW. It will be an expansion to two current structures devoted to a multinational cloud provider. Construction on the project, which is scheduled to be finished in May 2024, has already started.

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Colocation facility

The campus houses a 13.5 MW colocation facility in addition to the built-to-suit project for this client and it was finished in December 2022. This contributes to the company’s recent success, which has included expansions at all of its locations. This growth demonstrates Norway’s value proposition in the data center sector, which includes renewable and inexpensive power, robust connectivity, a skilled staff, and stable regulatory environments.

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Design and Build contractor.

The statement claims that Green Mountain has always been dedicated to operating its data centers entirely on renewable energy sources and setting the standard for energy efficiency in the industry. CTS Nordics, the Design and Build contractor for the new project, will construct and link the buildings using modular constructions. During construction, the present data center will continue to run normally, adding to the local labor force.

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In the data center sector, Norway is starting to build a name for itself. To improve national control over data centers operating in the nation, the Norwegian government has announced the implementation of new legislation. The National Communications Authority will have a larger role in regulating the sector, and the legislation will compel data center operators to register and adhere to security criteria.

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