According to recent reports, Fluvius and Telenet have announced a joint venture called Wyre.

Wyre to revolutionize connectivity in Flanders and Brussels.

Telenet and Fluvius announce Wyre as the name of their joint venture as they prepare to begin constructing networks throughout Flanders and Brussels. The goal of this alliance is to redefine connectivity in the region.


  • Wyre is the name of the infrastructure company that Telenet and Fluvius jointly own.
  • Through the collaboration, a state-of-the-art network will be built in sections of Flanders and Brussels.
  • The cooperative project seeks to embrace the digital future while empowering the neighbourhood.

The joint venture between full-service provider Telenet and the Flemish utility company Fluvius for the construction of infrastructure has been given a name. The business, which was once known as NetCo, is now going by the moniker “Wyre.” This information marks a critical turning point as Telenet and Fluvius are ready to begin network construction in early July 2023.

EC Approval

Following approval from the European Commission, Telenet and Fluvius are now preparing to build an advanced network spanning Flanders and parts of Brussels. Thanks to this regulatory approval, their joint infrastructure company Wyre, which is anticipated to transform local communications, may now make its debut. Their joint infrastructure business Wyre will now be able to get rolling and change connectivity in the area thanks to this regulatory authorization.

Shareholding Pattern

In order to create a cutting-edge network, Telenet and Fluvius first declared their alliance on July 19, 2022. Together, they succeeded in creating NetCo, a specialist organization with the express purpose of building the network that is future-proof throughout Flanders and certain areas of Brussels. Telenet would control 66.8% of NetCo under the terms of the agreement, while Fluvius would own the remaining 33.2%.

Wyre’s Vision

Wyre is the name chosen to represent the commitment to provide people the best connection. According to the assertion, Wyre’s central letter “Y” stands for “You” and represents the intention to bring all people into the digital era by strengthening the current network and laying the groundwork for fiber optic cable.

In order for the neighborhood to completely embrace the digital age, Wyre intends to provide them access to Gigabit connections and give them power. This will raise the standard for fiber optic cable construction and strengthen the present network infrastructure.

The creation of the following network is anticipated to begin in early July 2023. Telenet and Fluvius are prepared to work together under the Wyre name in order to achieve their aim and change the digital sphere.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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