According to the most recent information, Ericsson is collaborating with AMD and Dell to give consumers more freedom and options.

Ericsson partners with AMD and Dell to increase customer flexibility and choice.

To expand customer choice and flexibility in the Open RAN and Cloud RAN ecosystems, Ericsson has teamed with AMD and Dell. Through the collaborations, open cloud infrastructures will be made possible, giving clients the freedom to pick their infrastructure while still providing telco-level performance.


  • To promote freedom and choice in Open RAN and Cloud RAN environments, Ericsson collaborates with AMD and Dell.
  • Open cloud infrastructures with telco-grade performance are made possible through partnerships.
  • The Cloud RAN application from Ericsson is very portable and independent of the underlying servers and processing technology.

The Open RAN and Cloud RAN ecosystems will offer clients more freedom and choice thanks to distinct collaborations Ericsson has established with AMD and Dell. For its Cloud RAN solution, which is intended for telecom, Open RAN, and mobile edge-computing applications, Ericsson will use Dell’s PowerEdge servers and AMD’s EPYC processors and T2 Telco accelerator.

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Ericsson and Dell Collaboration

With telco-grade performance at the far edge, the cooperation seeks to enable open cloud architectures and let clients select their own infrastructure. This collaboration will provide network operators the choice to utilize the most popular server platform in the world, including the PowerEdge XR8000 and XR5610, and realize the advantages of open technologies, hastening the release of ground-breaking and profit-generating solutions.

According to Ericsson, this partnership with AMD and Dell demonstrates its dedication to provide clients with Cloud RAN with more flexibility. Ericsson wants to enable open cloud infrastructures and support AMD processors and Dell’s high-performance server products while giving users the freedom to pick their own infrastructure and assuring good performance.

One of the major forces behind the Open RAN and Cloud RAN designs, according to Ericsson, is the expansion of the ecosystem with new partners and technologies.

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Ericsson Partnership with AMD and Dell

The statement claims that Ericsson is necessary to hasten the adoption of RAN network designs that are open and cloud-based. The Ericsson Cloud RAN solution will include more processing technologies thanks to the partnership between Ericsson and AMD. With Dell PowerEdge servers supporting Ericsson’s Cloud RAN technology, network operators have the option of utilizing the top server platform in the world and launching cutting-edge, money-making products to the market in a hurry.

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Ericsson’s Cloud RAN application.

With its high portability and independence from the underlying processing frameworks and servers, Ericsson’s Cloud RAN application increases flexibility and lowers entry barriers. By doing this, it is made sure that Cloud RAN is accessible to any provider that wants to use it. Through this partnership, communications service providers (CSPs) will be able to choose from the widest range of infrastructure options while still providing a high degree of performance and resilience.

By adding technical partners, Ericsson Cloud RAN is able to function on more platforms, offering a platform that is fully cloud-agnostic and has the best performance needed to enable 5G connectivity and beyond.

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