According to the most recent information, Dialog Axiata has set up the India Asia Xpress underwater cable in Sri Lanka’s Matara.

Dialog Axiata lands on the IAX submarine cable system, which connects the Maldives with Mumbai and Singapore.

The India Asia Xpress (IAX) undersea cable system has been installed in Sri Lanka by Dialog Axiata, a top supplier of quad-play connectivity in that country. It is anticipated to go live in the third quarter of 2023. The Hulhumale in the Maldives will be directly connected to the Hulhumale in Mumbai and Singapore using the IAX cable system.


  • By Q3 2023, the IAX cable system will be operational.
  • With subsequent branches to five more nations, it will immediately connect Hulhumale in the Maldives with Mumbai and Singapore.
  • Two further subsea cables have already been landed in Sri Lanka by Dialog Axiata.

With the construction of its third underwater cable in Sri Lanka, Dialog Axiata, the country’s top quad-play connectivity provider, has significantly aided the nation’s connectivity and digitalization ambitions. According to a LinkedIn post by manager U-Boot and Business link in Dialog Axiata, the ninth submarine cable to reach Sri Lanka landed in Matara on April 15 courtesy to the India Asia Xpress (IAX) submarine cable system, built by Reliance Jio in partnership with Dialog Axiata.

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IAX cable system RFS by Q3 2023

The Hulhumale in the Maldives will have direct connections to Mumbai, Singapore, as well as five other countries, including Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, thanks to the IAX cable system. By Q3 2023, it is projected to be operational. One of the two main cables that make up the IAX cable system is the India Europe Xpress (IEX) cable, which will link India with the Middle East and Europe through an Italian landing at Savona.

Dialog Axiata Subsea Cables

Dialog Axiata has grown to be a significant participant in Sri Lanka’s connection infrastructure as a result of the integration of IAX cable. The Maldives Sri Lanka Cable System (“MSC”) and the Bay of Bengal Gateway (“BBG”) are two more undersea cables that the business has previously installed in Sri Lanka. These investments have supported Sri Lanka’s attempts to digitize and helped it become a center for the region.

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Dialog Axiata is committed to providing state-of-the-art connectivity solutions that meet the needs of its customers. Dialog Axiata is Sri Lanka’s top network with the fastest and widest coverage. The company is well-positioned to continue spearheading Sri Lanka’s connectivity revolution and help economic growth in the island country with the addition of the IAX cable infrastructure.

India Asia Xpress (IAX)

The landing stations for the 5,791-kilometer India Asia Xpress (IAX) subsea cable system are spread across various countries. In addition to Mumbai and Chennai in India, Morib in Malaysia, Hulhumale in the Maldives, Tuas in Singapore, Matara in Sri Lanka, and Satun in Thailand, the cable system, which is offered by Subcom, has landing sites in each of these locations as well. The IAX cable system enables direct connections between these locations and allows high-speed data transfer for local businesses and individuals.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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