As Per Latest Information Ciena Launches Wave router to Support Growing Demands of Metro Networks

WaveRouter offers scalable, operational simplicity, and sustainability.

Ciena has unveiled a brand-new platform architecture called Wave Router to cater to the growing demands of the integrated metro network. It makes use of a single platform that integrates IP, optical, and compute functions with Ciena’s Wave Logic coherent optics, intelligent multi-layer control, and automation. Wave Router satisfies the requirements of service providers coping with enormous traffic demand.


  • Sustainability, operational ease, and scalability with no concessions
  • The platform accommodates the rising need for services that consume a lot of bandwidth, such as 5G, high-speed internet, enterprise business services, and the cloud.
  • In Q3 2023, Wave Router is anticipated to go on sale.

An innovative manufacturer of networking hardware, Ciena, has introduced Wave Router, a revolutionary platform architecture created for the converged metro network. The platform was created to support the exponential expansion in metro traffic brought on by services like 5G, high-speed broadband, enterprise business services, and the cloud, all of which are bandwidth hungry.

Wave Router

Wave Router offers a high-performance, simple-to-use, and more environmentally friendly coherent routing solution by combining IP, optical, and compute functions on a single platform. It also leverages Ciena’s Wave Logic coherent optics and intelligent multi-layer control and automation. By combining the greatest platform architecture, transport technologies, and software, the platform seeks to satisfy the stringent requirements of metro networks by doing away with trade-offs in terms of space, power, cooling, and scalability.

According to Ciena, in a statement, “Service providers are looking to simplify their networks through convergence to gain a competitive edge in a cloud-driven, always-connected world.”

“Up to this point, they had to give up capacity, operational simplicity, and sustainability. Wave Router delivers notable performance and energy advantages because to its innovative fusion of the best in IP, coherent optics, and flexible photonics.

Wave Router will be made available in the third quarter of 2023, and it is believed that it will simplify networks and provide service providers a competitive edge

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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