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According to the most recent information, have a look at those new BSNL Unlimited Broadband Internet plans, which start at only $299 per month.

BSNL FTTH (Fiber Broadband) connections throughout India.

BSNL Broadband is the marketplace chief withinside the fixed-line broadband phase in India with a 32.15% marketplace proportion as in step with the modern-day TRAI report. The majority of BSNL’s wireline broadband clients use of DSL era for broadband network access. From the closing yr. i.e., after the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic, we’ve visible a surprising surge in BSNL FTTH (Fiber Broadband) connections throughout India.

When comparing absolute numbers, BSNL continues to have a larger total number of DSL Broadband customers than its rival FTTH (Fiber Broadband) service, which is branded under the name Bharat Fiber. Every family nowadays needs reliable and fast internet access to enjoy trouble-free video streaming, video conferencing, web meetings, audio conferencing, and other online activities such as work from home, online classes, and online businesses. Existing DSL customers can upgrade their BSNL Broadband connection to BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) to receive a greater quality of service and guaranteed bandwidth.

Let’s check out the most recent BSNL DSL Broadband Internet plans that are available for purchase. As you are already aware, BSNL offers copper cable pairs and DSL technologies for Unlimited Broadband Internet connection.

Latest BSNL Unlimited Usage Broadband Plans (ADSL/VDSL Broadband Plans)
Plan NameFixed Monthly Charges
Data UsageMaximum Download Speed
Static IPFree Calls
100 GB CUL
[For New Customers Only]
299 (For first 6 months) #Unlimited10 Mbps up to 100 GB, then 2 MbpsNot Applicable24×7 Unlimited Free Calls to Any Network
200 GB CUL399Unlimited10 Mbps up to 200 GB, then 2 MbpsNot Applicable24×7 Unlimited Free Calls to Any Network
500 GB CUL555Unlimited10 Mbps up to 500 GB, then 2 MbpsNot Applicable24×7 Unlimited Free Calls to Any Network
SUPER STAR-1779Unlimited10 Mbps up to 779 GB, then 2 MbpsNA24×7 Unlimited Free Calls to Any Network
SUPER STAR-2949Unlimited10 Mbps up to 1100 GB, then 5 MbpsNA24×7 Unlimited Free Calls to Any Network
Hotstar Premium Subscription
1600 GB CUL1299Unlimited10 Mbps up to 1600 GB/Day, then 5 MbpsOne @ Rs 2000/- p.a. additional24 Hrs unlimited FREE Calls to Any Network
The consumer may select any normal plan after six months. Plans will automatically switch to 200 GB CUL if none are chosen.

With the exception of the Andaman & Nicobar telecom circle, all of the aforementioned BSNL DSL Broadband Internet plans are available. Every DSL broadband internet package offers 10Mbps unlimited information download. All of the packages provide true unlimited voice calls to any community. For lower-quit plans, the post-FUP download speed is continuous at 2Mbps; for higher-quit plans, it is constant at 5Mbps. All of the above-mentioned prices are exempt from GST.

100GB CUL for 299/- under the BSNL Welcome Offer.

The beginning plan or welcome offer for new customers is BSNL’s 100GB CUL plan, which has a set monthly price of only Rs 299/-. For the first six months, only brand-new customers are eligible for this plan. After six months, the plan may be changed to a 200GB CUL plan with a monthly fee of Rs 399 or to any other plan requested by the client. Customers who choose the BSNL 299 broadband plan receive unlimited broadband internet at a 10Mbps speed up to 100GB of data usage per month. The speed may be reduced to 2Mbps after 100GB of data or once each month. Customers who choose the BSNL 100GB CUL package receive true endless.

BSNL 200GB CUL Broadband Plan @ ₹399/-

With the BSNL 200GB CUL package, a customer may get 200GB of high-speed internet at a 10Mbps speed per month. The cost of this plan’s month-to-month leasing is Rs 399. Because this plan is standard, customers who choose it will remain inside the same plan unless they make changes comparable to those that correspond to their preferences. Also offered are true unlimited voice calls to any neighborhood.

BSNL 500GB CUL Broadband Plan @ ₹555/-

The 500GB CUL package from BSNL enables users to access 500GB of 10Mbps high-speed internet every month. This plan’s monthly rent is Rs. 555. Due to the fact that this plan is a regular one, consumers who choose it will remain in it until they decide to alter it. Additionally included are true unlimited phone calls to any network.

Super Star 1 Broadband Plan for BSNL for $779

With the BSNL Super Star 1 plan, a free premium membership to Disney+ Hot Star is included. Customers may gain free access to the premium features of the Disney+ Hot Star app here. The subscription includes 779GB of 10Mbps high-speed broadband internet access. This plan’s monthly rent is Rs 779. Due to the fact that this plan is also a normal plan, consumers who choose it will remain in it until they decide to alter it. Also included are true unlimited phone calls to any network.

Super Star 2 Broadband Plan from BSNL for $949

BSNL Super Star 2 broadband plan is likewise bundled with a Disney+ Hotstar top-class subscription. Here, clients can get high-velocity broadband net get admission at 10Mbps velocity to 1100GB facts utilization in a month. The month-to-month lease of this plan is Rs 949/-. This plan is also a normal plan and subsequently, clients choosing this plan will stay withinside the identical plan till he/she adjusts similarly according to his / her choice.

BSNL 1600GB CUL Broadband Plan @ ₹1299/-

Customers of BSNL DSL Broadband who need a static IP address can select this more expensive package. The reason for this is because BSNL would only permit static IP addresses in broadband internet plans with monthly leasing fees of more than Rs 1000. The BSNL 1600GB CUL Broadband plan, as the name says, offers 1600GB of data consumption per month at a 10Mbps speed. Customers will receive static IP addresses on a fee basis. Static IP addresses cost Rs 2000 per year and are invoiced in conjunction with BSNL Broadband plans. This plan gives genuine unlimited voice calls to any network as part of a bundle, much like previous plans.

Initial Fees / Installation Fees for New DSL Connection from BSNL

For a limited time up till 03-08-2021, BSNL is providing 100% free installation for all new DSL Broadband internet connections. All telecom circles are subject to this installation fee waiver, which also applies to FTTH and Bharat Air Fiber. New ADSL Broadband modems must be purchased by customers on the open market. The consumer may utilize the same ADSL modem if they already have one.

BSNL FREE Installation Charges Offer for Bharat Fiber / LL / BB / BBo Wi-Fi / Bharat Air Fiber connections till 03-08-2021
(Offer is Applicable to All Telecom Circles)
Facility Existing Installation Charges (in Rs.)Revised Installation Charges (in Rs.)
New Landline Connection250/-FREE (Till 03-08-2021)
New Broadband Connection on existing Landline250/-FREE (Till 03-08-2021)
New Bharat Fiber (FTTH) / BBo Wi-Fi / Air Fiber Connection500/-FREE (Till 03-08-2021)

Special Annual or Advance Payment Schemes

Customers who choose an annual payment plan or an advance payment plan will receive a special discount. With the exception of the 100GB CUL package, all DSL Broadband plans provide annual or advance payment options. The following list includes information on yearly and advance payment schemes:-

All telecom circles are eligible for the BSNL Advance Payment Schemes for DSL Broadband Customers (Applicable to All General & Circle Specific Broadband and Landline Customers).
FMC Payable in AdvanceDuration of Service
5.5 Months FMC6 Months
10.5 Months FMC12 Months
20.5 Months FMC24 Months
30.5 Months FMC36 Months

10% Special Discount to Government Employees & Retired Employees

BSNL permits a 10% cut price scheme for Government personnel that is relevant to each serving in addition to retired personnel below landline, broadband and Bharat Fiber (FTTH) services. To get a reduction you want to post the utility shape on the side of an Employment Certificate or Copy of your Pension Book (withinside the case of retired personnel).

How can I apply for BSNL DSL Broadband Internet Connection?

You must submit a fully filled application form to your neighborhood BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC) or BSNL Telephone Exchange along with a copy of your identity and proof of address in order to request a BSNL DSL Broadband Internet connection. Once the viability has been established, your local telephone exchange will make the connection available.

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Which one you should choose? BSNL DSL Broadband or Bharat Fiber (FTTH)?

As we mentioned earlier this month, BSNL has introduced Fiber Experience 399, an entry-level Bharat Fiber (FTTH) package with 30Mbps download speed and 1000GB of data consumption. The current FTTH market is likely to be completely changed by this proposal, and BSNL will gain a ton of new clients as a result. Prior to this, BSNL lacked both the availability of low-cost FTTH plans and Fiber in all places.
The Next Generation Ultra-Fast GPON network is being quickly deployed throughout India by BSNL through revenue share agreements with both new and existing LCOs, MSOs, and TIPs. With the aid of FTTH franchisees, Bharat Fiber (BSNL FTTH) connection is now being offered to customers in rural and isolated communities. Most

Therefore, it is always advised to choose BSNL Bharat Fiber over BSNL DSL Broadband if you need broadband internet access and need a high upload speed for applications like video conferencing and online classes. Technically, the greatest upload speed that can be provided by DSL technology has a limitation or restriction. The actual download speed that a consumer experiences with a DSL Broadband Internet connection also depends on a variety of outside variables, including the distance from the telephone exchange, the number of joints in the copper cable, and the condition or quality of the copper cable pair. Additionally, lightning and other environmental factors are more likely to affect DSL Broadband internet connections.

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Please share your thoughts and ideas regarding BSNL DSL Broadband, dear readers. How many of you have already switched to BSNL FTTH Bharat Fiber? Please let us know what you think.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

Plan prices for BSNL Unlimited Broadband Internet begin at 299 per month.

According to the most recent information, these two new Air Fiber plans will include a free static IP address and a maximum download bandwidth of 80Mbps.