The most recent information Malaysian customers now have free access to 5G thanks to CelcomDigi

CelcomDigi extends free 5G access and 5G Boosters until 2023.

Up to May 31, 2023, post-paid and prepaid clients of CelcomDigi will have free access to 5G. To give clients more time to use 5G technology, the business also extended free 5G top-ups for current Internet subscriptions until the same day.

The extension of free 5G connectivity for post-paid and prepaid clients through May 31, 2023, was announced by CelcomDigi, a major telecom provider in Malaysia. This choice is a component of the business’ continuous campaigns to encourage the use of 5G technology in Malaysia.

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CelcomDigi 5G Boosters

In March 2023, CelcomDigi will start providing 5G Boosters for its Digi Postpaid, Digi Postpaid Family, and Digi Prepaid NEXT monthly internet plans in addition to the extension. This will allow customers to use their current internet services with a 5G connection. The free 5G Booster offer will also be offered from April 30 through May 31, 2023, giving customers more time to benefit from 5G technology.

CelcomDigi 5G Booster Activation

The 5G Booster may be activated using the My Digi app in three simple steps, and the process is really straightforward. Prior to continuing, customers must be signed up for a Digi Postpaid or Prepaid monthly internet service. Customers must then purchase a 5G Booster for free (RM 0) using the My Digi app. Customers must also confirm that the 5G network configuration is enabled on their 5G device.

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Extension of Celcom Post-paid and Prepaid Users’ Free 5G Trial Access

The free 5G trial service will be available to Celcom MEGA Post-paid, Xpax Post-paid, and Xpax Prepaid customers until May 31, 2023. During this trial, customers will be able to take advantage of 5G’s benefits and make informed decisions about their data plans.

Overall, Malaysia can encourage the adoption of 5G technology thanks to the extension of the availability of free 5G connectivity and the inclusion of 5G Boosters to existing internet contracts. Customers will profit from the move in terms of faster and more stable internet connections, which will also prepare the country for future advancements in communications technology.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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