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Exclusive: BSNL waives off Registration Chargers of Rs 3000/- + GST for primary entities in the Bulk SMS DLT Portal

BSNL has introduced a 100% bargain on registration costs

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has introduced a 100% bargain on registration costs for all new clients who desire to avail of Bulk Push SMS carrier from the PSU. After the advent of TCCCPR 2018 regulations, BSNL become charging Rs 3000/- + GST as a registration fee withinside the DLT portal for all new clients availing of Bulk Push SMS carrier.

To inspire extra clients to get themselves registered withinside the BSNL DLT portal, the BSNL government has determined to waive the registration fees for all new clients with an on-the-spot effect. In April 2021, all telecom provider companies carried out TCCCPR 2018 policies and content material template scrubbing. With the implementation of superior DLT technology, the troubles related to spam/fax messages are predicted to lessen to a tremendous extent.

During the implementation of content material template scrubbing in April 2021, it become determined that a maximum of the entities has already been registered on DLT and just a few numbers of recent entities are being registered. Many of the BSNL discipline devices have been additionally inquiring that BSNL has to know no longer take the registration fees from entities as different telecom operators have already waived the same. Hence BSNL government has determined to waive-off registration fees for all new foremost entities in BSNL DLT Portal.

This circulation will assist BSNL in onboard most foremost entities (PEs) in DLT Portal and thereby grow withinside the bulk SMS sales withinside the coming days. Moreover, consent acquisition at the DLT via way of means of the Principal Entities (PEs) will begin began very quickly and the choice of consent acquisition fees is beneath neath dialogue in the industry.

Why is DLT Registration required? What is it?

Any business enterprises who want to send their customers commercial communications must register on the BSNL DLT website at as the major entity, in accordance with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) TCCCPR 2018 guidelines. All present and future business organizations who wish to use bulk SMS or OBD (outbound dialing) should register as Principal businesses on the BSNL DLT site in order to abide with TRAI’s TCCCPR 2018 guidelines. The recently issued regulation aims to properly address the frustration that subscribers have with spam.

The TCCCPR 2018 regulations provide for:-

a) Companies (Entities) and telemarketers can establish their identities and win the trust of their clients by registering as senders. This makes it more difficult for unknown parties to get in touch with their clients through phony or otherwise dubious calls and messages.

c) Header Registration: Carefully separating different message types using headers.

c) Registration of Message Template: The idea of registered templates for voice and SMS communication is intended to stop the intentional insertion of promotional messages into the transactional stream.

d) Recording subscriber approval

e) Exact selection of preferences

The DLT portal, located at “,” is already operational and requires registration from Telemarketers, Entities, Headers, and Templates.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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