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According to recent information, BSNL has updated its FTTH and broadband options for MPs.

BSNL upgraded the bandwidth of Special Unlimited Broadband and Fiber Broadband Plans.

Only available to Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Honorary MPs, BSNL has expanded the capacity of its fiber optic broadband (Bharat Fiber/FTTH) and limitless broadband special plans.

The old broadband bundles “BB MP ULD 1500” and “BB MP ULD 1000” were replaced with “BB SANSAD ULD1500” and/or “BB SANSAD ULD1000”. These rates are offered by BSNL Bharat Fiber and ADSL Broadband. Only when broadband via copper (the ADSL+ network) was not practical but was available over FTTH were these plans permitted.

The Competent Authority has decided to change “the nomenclature of these existing plans BBMP ULD 1500 & BBMP ULD 1000 to BB SANSAD ULD1500 & BB SANSAD ULD1000 and further upgrade the broadband speed of these plans exclusively for the Hon’ble Member of Parliament of Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha in all the Telecom Circles/Metro Districts” according to a statement released by BSNL.

The GST is not included in the rates mentioned. All applicable terms and conditions from preceding circulars will continue to apply. The aforementioned directive will be put into practice starting on August 15, 2020, in all Telecom circles and Metro Districts.

Why we should choose BSNL FTTH ?

The BSNL Bharat Fiber (BSNL FTTH) connection speed is consistent and dependable, and each user receives a public IP address from the company. Data and transaction security for customers is ensured by double VLAN tagging. Additionally, BSNL provides Free Phone Calls Across India. The sole supplier of fiber-based broadband services that issues GST invoices to all of its clients is BSNL. Customers may also reserve a BSNL FTTH connection via the improved My BSNL App or the Book My Fiber portal.

In the fiber broadband market, BSNL has a long history of providing services. In India, BSNL has the best and largest MPLS core fiber network. Along with FTTH, BSNL has begun providing IPTV service in a few areas. Soon, BSNL IPTV services will be made available everywhere.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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