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According to the most recent information, BSNL today declared that in the month of May 2021, they had reached more than 14 lakh Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband connections.

customers can avail BSNL FTTH connection in every nook

Congratulations to the whole BSNL Team and its Franchisee Community throughout the nation, as the state-run telecom provider recently announced that they have surpassed more than 14 lakh Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband connections in May 2021.

Only with the help of its franchisee community, which includes Local Cable TV Operators (LCOs), Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIPs), and Multi System Operators (MSOs) across India, should BSNL be able to achieve this outstanding achievement. The primary factors that enabled BSNL to achieve this fantastic overall performance at some point during this epidemic time were the Quality of Service and Superior Performance of the BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) connection. Nearly all private fiber internet providers operating within our country experience bandwidth congestion and network disruptions even at peak hours, thus BSNL should perform better than them.

At this point, BSNL has communicated their sincere approach to all of their franchisee partners who assisted in achieving this great overall performance by offering clients top-notch services. Telecom circles in the south, including those in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, account for the majority of users. As stated before, BSNL will surpass 1 million FTTH subscribers in December 2020.

By forming partnerships with Local Cable Operators (LCOs), Multi System Operators (MSOs), and Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIPs) across India, BSNL has aggressively begun offering new Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband connections. Customers may now get a BSNL FTTH connection anywhere in the nation, either directly from BSNL or via one of their authorized Bharat Fiber Franchisees.

BSNL’s New Bharat Fiber Plans are simply amazing!

As we stated in October 2020, BSNL launched new FTTH plans in certain cities/areas, including Fiber Basic 449, Fiber Value 799, Fiber Premium 999, and Fiber Ultra 1499. Later, the BSNL government announced another unlimited FTTH package, Fiber Basic Plus 599, with 60Mbps download speed and 3.3TB consumption as a standard offer that is available across all telecom circles in India, mostly in response to the increased demand for BSNL FTTH. For both new and existing users, the BSNL Fiber Basic Plus 599 package is available across India.

Welcome Offer for New BSNL FTTH Customers

Additionally, all telecom circles are offering BSNL’s Fiber Basic 449 package as a Welcome Offer. The BSNL Fiber Basic 449 plan, which offers 30Mbps download speed and 3.3TB of usage, is available to new BSNL FTTH customers. However, after six minutes, customers who select 449 plans might automatically switch to Fiber Basic Plus 599 plans.

Why should we choose BSNL FTTH (Bharat Fiber)?

With a maximum download speed of 300Mbps, BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) connection is said to be the most affordable and reliable Fiber broadband connection available in India. The BSNL FTTH connection’s improved performance and reliability of guaranteed bandwidth even during peak hours are its key draws.

BSNL FTTH allows Unlimited Voice Calls to Any Network

Customers of BSNL Bharat Fiber can also take advantage of truly free unlimited phone calls to any community in India. All BSNL FTTH plans provide an unlimited number of free calls. To take advantage of free calling to any landline in India, all you need to do is purchase a landline phone and connect it to the Bharat Fiber Modem.

Existing Landline Number Migration to BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH)

Existing landline / ADSL broadband customers can also convert their connections to FTTH while keeping their legacy telephone number. This feature is allowed by BSNL in their NGN backup locations. Within a number of months, BSNL intends to complete the transition of its present landline phone exchanges to Next Generation (NGN) phone exchanges. Customers can also submit their request to the nearest BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC) if they want to use their present landline variety for BSNL FTTH.

Online booking for new Bharat Fiber Connections was made available by BSNL.

If customers wish to sign up for the new BSNL FTTH Broadband (Bharat Fiber) service, they may do so via the My BSNL App or the Book My Fiber Portal ( If customers wish to utilize the BSNL FTTH service, they must first register on this portal by providing their name, cellphone number, and email address. Following the reception of a FTTH lead, the lead will be sent, based on the geo-tagged location, to the nearest BSNL / BSNL Franchisee OLTE for connection provisioning. The customer will next connect with the BSNL person who is most conveniently located to complete the KYC requirements. Through the Book My Fiber portal, users in all telecom circles can subscribe to the BSNL Fiber Broadband Service.

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Please share your thoughts on this fantastic effort by BSNL to raise the number of Bharat Fiber connections with us, dear readers. How many of you use the FTTH service offered by BSNL? To share your thoughts with us, kindly leave a comment.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

According to the most recent unified license agreement, BSNL is permitted to provide any kind of communication (telephone, internet, broadband, FTTH, and others) across all 22 Indian telecom circles.

BSNL is the best mobile network in India with highest Voice Quality.