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As Per Latest Information BSNL to migrate customers in old Landline plans to Unlimited Combo Broadband plans with immediate effect on PAN India basis.

BSNL to migrate customers in old Landline plans to Unlimited Combo Broadband plans with immediate effect on PAN India basis

For its fixed-line subscribers throughout India, public telecoms firm BSNL has announced significant rate modifications. According to the most recent information, BSNL is providing a 24-hour unlimited free calling service (local and STD) to any network in India for a select group of current fixed-line subscribers, effective immediately.

PSU has also decided to offer regular broadband DSL bundles to fixed-line customers in all affected environments, effective immediately. However, all of these selected landline tariffs will be discontinued for new post-paid customers. Existing customers who recently upgraded to these plans can continue using the same plan for a minimum of 6 months. Customers who have chosen the 1/2/3-year payment option will also continue with the same plan until the prepayment period expires.

There are 36 extant landline plans on the list, 5 from each of the East Zone, North Zone, and South Zone telecom circles, and 13 from each of those circles.


  • West Zone includes the following telecom circles: – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh.
  • East Zone includes the following telecom circles: – Andaman & Nicobar, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Kolkata, North East I, North East II, Orissa & West Bengal.
  • Telecom circles in the South Zone include those in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh
  • North Zone includes the following telecom circles: – Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh (W), Uttar Pradesh (E) and Uttaranchal.

The following was said in an official announcement from BSNL on the aforementioned rate revision: –

The Competent Authority has made the following decisions:

a) To immediately begin offering EXISTING Landline customers who are on the landline plans listed in the Annexure 24 hours of unlimited free calling (local + STD) on any network in India.

b) To provide combination DSL Broadband Plans in accordance with the information in the Annexure to EXISTING Landline subscribers.

c) With immediate effect, to revoke all of the landline plans listed in the annexe for new clients.

d) For current customers who are already signed up for the Annual/Two-Year/Three-Year payment option for the plans listed in the Annexure, the above offer at para. (b) will take effect when their current Annual/Two-Year/Three-Year subscription expires, but free calling service will still be offered in accordance with para.

e) In addition, current clients who recently chose the

Through SMS and bills, BSNL will notify all current subscribers to the aforementioned landline plans in advance of the change in fixed monthly prices. The rest of the terms and conditions will not change. The aforementioned directives must be followed consistently in all relevant circles beginning immediately. The goal of BSNL’s most recent rate modification is to drastically cut the number of landline options. There is no longer any use for the various landline plans that were previously launched with varied free call perks after the introduction of the 24 Hours Unlimited Free Calling program with all landline plans. Additionally, we anticipate that BSNL will soon provide new PAN India landline, broadband, and FTTH (Bharat Fiber) options.

For consumers of Landline, Broadband, and Bharat Fiber (FTTH), BSNL has updated its postpaid billing schedule in an effort to improve cash flow, increase the effectiveness of bill collection, and reduce the amount of delinquent invoices. On the 22nd day after the invoice date, BSNL has chosen to disconnect customers with unpaid landline, broadband, and FTTH bills.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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