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As per latest information BSNL Pull SMS Service (SMS Long Code) Revised

The rate options for Pull SMS Service (SMS Long Code) have been revised by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). For P2A (Person to Application) communications, long code is a 10-digit wide variety similar to a regular cell wide variety. The PSU has introduced four new price options that would take effect across all telecom circles on September 6, 2021. The basic BSNL Pull SMS rate plan, which allows for 30,000 loose incoming SMS, starts at about Rs 1000/-.

What is truly a Pull SMS Service? We all are acquainted with Bulk Push SMS Services and every day we have become transactional in addition to promotional SMS from diverse Banks, Insurance Agencies, Super Markets, Retail Chain networks, etc. that are truly Push SMS providers. The one that you push out of your software program or online dashboard in your clients or goal cell customers is Push SMS Service. It may be both promotional SMS and Transactional SMS. The opposite is the case for Pull SMS Service. In Pull SMS Service, possible control to acquire the incoming messages for exclusive offerings on an unmarried variety the use of a keyword. Pull provider is generally labelled as brief code provider and lengthy code provider. Now allow us to take a look at the contemporary BSNL Pull SMS (Long Code) tariff plans.

Revised Tariff for BSNL Long Code Service (Pull SMS Service) as of June 09, 2021
Plans accessible in every telco circle
PlanMonthly Rental per Long CodFREE Incoming SMSRate / SMS (After FREE SMS
1000/-30,0002.00 paisa/SMS
LC_20002000/-1,00,0001.50 paisa/SMS
LC_30003000/-1,50,0001.40 paisa/SMS
LC_50005000/-2,50,0001.30 paisa/SMS


1 The above charges are exclusive of GST.
2 Outgoing SMS from the Long Code is not allowed.
3 Cost of end user to send SMS to a Long Code applied as per the SMS plan he/she have.

The above tariff can be relevant with impact from 06-09-2021 throughout all of the telecom circles. Long codes may be issued to numerous Business Firms or Companies or Enterprise Business / Corporate Customers. Interested clients should buy Long Code from any of the telecom circles of BSNL. Each telecom circle can public sale Vanity Numbers as Long Code to potential bidders/clients.

What is Pull SMS Service (Long Code SMS Service)?

The foundation of the lead generation industry is pull SMS. The finest lead generating tool is this one since it is always available. As previously said, Long Code is just a 10-digit phone number that is used to receive incoming SMS messages from clients. The method of transferring messages from a mobile user to an application is known as P2A messaging. It is also known as communications that are Mobile Originated (MO). Since a long code mobile number isn’t physically attached to a mobile device, it’s also known as a “virtual mobile number.” All incoming messages to that number will be processed by application software rather than a mobile device.

Keywords for Long Code Service

A single Long Code might have many Keywords defined for it based on the needs of the customer. Bulk Push Messaging Service may be an option for the application to respond to a mobile user’s SMS when it reaches it based on keywords.

Example- Send message from your mobile with Keywords, etc to a Long Code Mobile Number <9447xxxxxx> of a Bank to get your Bank Account Balance.

With BSNL Long Code Service, you may receive SMS messages from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise business consumers and corporations may get SMS from any location in the world just like they would from a regular mobile phone by using BSNL Long Code Service. Banking and financial institutions, educational institutions, poll survey companies, multi-recharge companies, electricity distribution companies (DISCOMs), share market tips, customer feedback, customer polls by television channels, and other organizations can all use long code service for transactions.

How Can I Avail BSNL Pull SMS Service?

Business Firms and Units can get in touch with the relevant BSNL Office’s Enterprise Business Units directly. Additionally, you may reserve BSNL Pull SMS Service online at, the company’s website. Simply use the following URL to place an order for BSNL Pull SMS Service:

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Please tell all of your friends and family about this most recent BSNL Pull SMS Service pricing, dear readers. How many of you are aware of the Push SMS and Pull SMS services offered by BSNL? Kindly provide your insightful thoughts in the comments section below.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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