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As Per Latest Information BSNL prepaid mobile customers can increase plan validity with STV 49.

BSNL Prepaid Mobile customers can increase plan validity with STV 49.

From September 10, 2020, in agencies, BSNL Prepaid Mobile users in GP-1 or GP-2 can extend the validity of their plan using STV 49.

According to the most recent information, clients in the ACTIVE/GP-1/GP-2 state will have their current live prepaid mobile plans’ validity extended upon activation of Special Tariff Voucher 49 (STV 49). As previously reported, on September 1, 2020, BSNL introduced the new Combo STV 49, which includes 100 minutes of voice calls, 100 SMS, and 2GB of free internet for 28 days.

Customers of BSNL Prepaid Mobile may now only extend the validity of their plans using Plan Vouchers. The most popular Plan Vouchers offered by BSNL are: PV109, PV74, PV75, PV94, PV95, PV153, PV186, PV365, PV399, PV485, PV666; PV999; PV1499; PV1999; and PV2399. All BSNL prepaid mobile users will be able to utilize STV 49 starting on September 10, 2020, to extend the validity of their plans by an additional 28 days from the date of recharge. Customers whose validity is either expired (in GP-1 or GP-2) or shorter than 28 days may extend their validity with STV 49.

Prior to the expiration of their plan validity, BSNL customers would get SMS notifications, with the majority of these SMS including technical words like Plan Validity Date, Credit Clearance Date, Grace Periods 1 & 2 (GP1 & GP2), etc. Let’s now examine these terms in more detail.

Dial *123# from your BSNL Prepaid Mobile number to learn more about your plan’s information, including its validity, status, GP1 and GP2 levels, and its name.

Plan Validity

You are allowed to make or receive calls throughout the validity period, which starts on the day your SIM card was activated. Every prepaid cellphone user will be assigned to a certain tariff plan, and each of these plans will have a predetermined duration of validity. After enrolling on a certain plan, a customer will have access to unlimited free incoming calls and SMS messages for the whole period of time known as the plan validity.

GP1 (Grace Period 1)

7 days after your sim’s validity expires. If you recharge at that time with any of the available plan voucher amounts, BSNL will keep some seven days as GP1, during which time all of your services will be restored.

Credit Clearance Date

Credit clearing date is the final day of GP-1. If you don’t use a plan voucher to recharge your prepaid mobile number during Grace Period 1 (GP-1), your account balance will expire, and the number will be moved to Grace Period 2 (GP-2).

GP2 (Grace Period 2)

172 days after the sim’s validity has expired. You can reinstate all of your services during this time if you reload once using an existing plan coupon. You risk losing your current mobile number if you don’t recharge your prepaid phone during Grace Period 2 (GP-2). Your account will be closed.

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