As Per Latest Information BSNL Offers This Cheapest Recharge Option for a Secondary Number

BSNL 107 Recharge Pack offers 200 minutes and 3GB data for 35 days.

BSNL offers prepaid recharge packages with a validity of more than 30 days for customers who want to maintain an active secondary number. Customers can also accrue unused validity on subsequent recharges with this bundle. Continue reading the tale to discover additional benefits of the pack.


  • For secondary numbers, the BSNL 107 Recharge Pack is a decent alternative.
  • 200 minutes of local and long distance calling are included with 3GB of data for 35 days with BSNL 107.
  • BSNL also provides other plans with different features and validity periods.

An array of prepaid plans is offered by India’s state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to accommodate the needs of its users. These plans are created to be flexible and economical while providing a range of advantages. The BSNL 107 Recharge pack is available for your connected mobility needs if you use a BSNL secondary number and are seeking for the least expensive recharge package. Now let’s examine the advantages of the BSNL 107 plan.

BSNL 107 Recharge Pack

There are unquestionably lucrative long-term recharge programmes offered by BSNL. However, the BSNL 107 Recharge Pack will help if you’re seeking for restricted voice services with validity. Customers may get 3GB of high-speed Internet and 200 minutes of local and long-distance calling with the BSNL 107 per minute recharge pack, which has a 35-day validity period. Therefore, this package offers customers with plans that are valid for just over a month.

After recharging with this STV, BSNL customers may also utilize the company’s songs service. Customers may get limited call perks, data, and 35 days of BSNL music with the BSNL 107 Pack. Therefore, this recharge enables BSNL customers to keep a number for basic phone calls and broadband usage, essentially lowering the daily fees for keeping a secondary number to Rs 3. With this bundle, customers may additionally accrue unused validity on subsequent recharges.

Other Available BSNL Recharges

Aside from the 107 recharge, BSNL also provides additional acceptable plans like the 2999, 2399, 1999, 1499, 1198, 999, 997, 797, 699, 666, 397, 199, 197, and 153 to continue services with validity and perks.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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