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As Per Latest Information BSNL Multiple Recharge Plans and STVs Listed: Now BSNL customers can recharge in advance without waiting for the expiry date.

List of BSNL and STV Multi-Top-Up Plans: Now BSNL customers can top-up in advance without having to wait for an expiration date.

From now on, customers of BSNL Prepaid Mobile can benefit from an early top-up of their prepaid mobile phone plans and special tariff vouchers. This new feature allows BSNL prepaid customers to top up their phones early without having to wait for the expiry date of their currently active plan or STV. The BSNL Advanced Prepaid feature is available to BSNL Prepaid Mobile customers across India.

When a current recharge offer’s validity period expires, consumers do not need to go for retailer stores or online recharging portals since the BSNL Multi Recharge option enables prolonged validity on the same recharge plan. A customer’s BSNL prepaid mobile number can have a maximum of 2 advance recharge plans or STVs added to it. Customers who purchase Prepaid Mobile Plans or STVs with the same cost and features can use the advance recharge (multiple recharge) option.

How BSNL Multiple Recharge Facility Works?

Customers of BSNL’s prepaid mobile service may advance recharge the same plan or STV a maximum of twice throughout the current plan’s validity term. Two plans/STVs of the same denomination will thus be in QUEUE while one plan/STV will be in the ACTIVE state. When a current plan or STV expires, one of the other plans or STVs in the queue activates, giving consumers the opportunity to recharge with the same amount once more. This manner, a queue of no more than two recharges is always maintained. After the current active plan or STV expires, the customer’s advance recharge will be automatically enabled. The consumer will receive an SMS notifying them of the advance STV’s activation.

BSNL Advance Recharge (Multi Recharge) 5GB Free Data Offer

As part of a promotional offer for 90 days under GSM prepaid mobile services, BSNL announced a 5GB free data offer with a validity of 22 days with every recharge using the multi-recharge (1+2) facility. The offer is valid through November 19, 2020.

Questions and Answers (FAQs) about the BSNL Multiple Recharge Facility

Is the activation of bundled VAS (Value Added Services through Multiple Recharge Facility) possible?It is not feasible to activate Value-Added Services that are packaged with Plan Vouchers or Special Tariff Vouchers under the Multiple Recharge Scheme. The activation of VAS services often occurs on the same day as the recharge. However, because the second STV/PV in a multiple recharge scheme is automatically enabled at a later time, it is not possible to provide VAS services.

Question 2: I’ve turned on the second PV/STV, but I’m unable to see its information. How can I find out if my multi-recharge package or STV is still active?

Answer:Until it is subscribed, subscribers might not be able to check the authenticity of the second PV or STV or access its information, such as any freebies. BSNL is working on this problem and anticipates providing a swift update.

Question 3:Can PVs and STVs with varying denominations and freebies be activated?
Answer: BSNL only permits multiple recharges for certain Plan Vouchers and STVs with the same amount and freebies at this time.

Question 4: Although I have a second plan voucher activated, BSNL has since discontinued the first. Is it possible to activate the withdrew plan on my phone after the existing plan has expired?
Answer: Customers who have a closed plan or have withdrawn their plan during the validity period have subscribed to a second STV that will be activated following the expiration of the customer’s PV (Closed Plan). Only STV features will be subscribed in this situation; validity will not be extended.

Question 5: Freebies and features of my Plan have been updated by BSNL. How will my planned advance recharge fare?
Answer: When the second PV/STV is activated, only the new feature will be made available to subscribers if a PV/STV feature is altered.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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