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As Per Latest Information BSNL launches 1+1 scheme in landline, get your second landline telephone absolutely free.

BSNL will provide 2nd landline telephone connection rent-free and offer call charges discounts.

The largest wireline provider in India, BSNL, has announced the immediate implementation of the 1+1 system across all circles for landlines.

According to the most recent information, BSNL will give customers who already have one landline connection in their premises a second landline telephone connection for free. The second rent-free connection will also come with call rates savings from BSNL.

The competent authorities have now approved to supply 2nd Landline Telephone rent free to the customers who are holding 1 Landline Connection at his Premises, according to an official release from BSNL on the launch of 1+1 Scheme in Landline. On a promotional basis for three months on an all-India basis, a second landline connection will be provided at the same location where the first landline connection is installed.

On the second rent-free connection, call rates will be discounted; the specifics are as follows: –

  • Call Charges, up to Rs. 200/-, Discount Nil.
  • Call charges greater than 200 rupees but less than or equal to 500 rupees, discounted by 25%
  • Call Charges. More than Rs. 500/-, Discount 50%

The aforementioned instructions will take effect right away in each circle. Customers can submit their request for a second landline phone connection under the recently introduced 1+1 program at the local BSNL Customer Service Center or BSNL Telephone Exchange. All telecom circles have the aforementioned program offered as a promotional offer for three months.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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