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As Per Latest Information BSNL has made the second opt-in (OTP) mandatory via SMS for activating and renewing value-added mobile services.

BSNL makes SMS-based second consent mandatory for VAS activation/renewal.

All value-added mobile services must now have a second SMS consent before being activated or renewed, according to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). In order to activate or renew VAS (Value Added Services) on their mobile number, BSNL Mobile users must now provide a second explicit consent of their number in the form of an OTP.

In an effort to decrease consumer complaints and raise customer happiness, BSNL has established these new rules for VAS activation. New regulations are expected to decrease complaints from mobile users about unsolicited VAS activation to the absolute minimum. Customers will now be required to provide a second consent in the form of an OTP when renewing an existing Value Added Service (VAS).

In this respect, BSNL released the following official statement: – Explicit second permission in the form of an SMS OTP would be required from consumers when activating and renewing all paid Value-Added Services across all delivery methods (USSD, SMS, DATA, 3G, IVR, OBD, and SMSDD).

Additionally, it is made clear that the bundled goods are not covered by the aforementioned instructions for explicitly getting a second permission through SMS OTP for the activation and renewal of paid VAS services. A lot of bundled deals and services are now being provided by BSNL to its prepaid mobile subscribers. Free EROS NOW Plus membership, Free Lokdhun Content, and others are only a few of them. These most recent clarifications state that obtaining a second permission is not necessary to activate any complimentary value-added services that are included with a plan voucher or a special tariff voucher.

How can I turn off Value Added Services that have been enabled on my cellphone number?

A customer’s express second permission through SMS must be obtained in order to activate any paid VAS that has been authorized on his phone. Using the toll-free number 155223, a client can deactivate VAS. For all Indian mobile consumers, this toll-free number is the same. It implies that subscribers of BSNL, Jio, Vi, or Airtel may all call the same toll-free number, 155223. Deactivating value-added services like Caller Tune, Hello Tune, Cricket Alerts, Job Alerts, Astrology, News Alerts, Voice Chat Services, etc. may be done by using the code 155223.

Deactivation of Value-Added Services (VAS) through 155223

It is now simple, convenient, and transparent to deactivate Value-Added Services (VAS) through SMS and IVRS by dialing the universal toll-free short code number “155223.”

To cancel any VAS through SMS mode, follow these steps:

  • Send the word “STOP” to the number 155223 using your mobile device. (You may also send a blank SMS to 155223)
  • Your mobile number will receive a list of all VAS services that have been activated.
  • As soon as you receive a reply, choose which VAS you wish to deactivate from the list of those that are active on your phone.
  • You will receive an SMS confirming receipt of your deactivation request and stating that the service will be terminated in 4 hours. The SMS will include the name of VAS. (In the event that you submit an inaccurate response, you will receive another SMS explaining the procedure.)
  • You will receive an SMS to confirm that the service (with the name of VAS) has been deactivated after it has really been done so.

Procedure to deactivate VAS through IVRS mode:

  • English and the state’s primary language are the minimal number of languages that the IVRS is provided in each State.
  • When you contact the number 155223, a recorded message informs you that you will receive a list of the VAS that are active on your mobile phone. Welcome to XYZ Telecom Ltd., for example. To mute caller tunes, press 1, to mute cricket alert, press 2, to repeat, press 0. (If Cricket Alert and Caller Tune are activated)
  • By tapping the key designated for the desired VAS, you may choose which VAS you want to disable. For instance, “To deactivate Cricket Alert, you shall press 2.”
  • Your request to deactivate the VAS has been received, and it will be done so within four hours, according to an SMS you will get.
  • upon deactivation

Upon pressing the incorrect key or leaving the key alone for ten seconds:

  • The list of enabled VAS will be replayed when you are advised that the key you hit was incorrect.
  • You will be sent to a contact center agent if you are unable to hit the proper key once more.

It should be noted that subscribers who call 155223 to deactivate any VAS will not be transferred to another hotline.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

As Per Latest Information BSNL has made SMS based second consent (OTP) mandatory for activation and renewal of Mobile Value-Added Services

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