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According to the most recent information, BSNL has revised some of its tariffs for its prepaid mobile subscribers across India.

Latest BSNL Validity Extension Prepaid Mobile Recharge Plans with Unlimited Calls, Data and SMS benefits

By topping up any denomination of plan vouchers that are currently available for subscription, BSNL Prepaid users can renew their plan. Recent price modifications by BSNL for its prepaid mobile users in India include the discontinuation of certain existing voucher plans and the modification of others in terms of features or validity periods.

Previously, Top Up coupons could be used to extend the validity of prepaid cellphone plans. Now that BSNL has discontinued that service as well, consumers must recharge their phone numbers using active Plan Voucher Recharge Offers. There are several different validity recharge options available from BSNL, and each one has unique characteristics and a distinct duration of validity.The validity of one of BSNL’s most well-liked plans, Mithram Plus 109, has also been shortened to 30 days.

Validity has passed Customers of BSNL Prepaid Mobile can extend the validity of their plans by using any of the aforementioned Plan Voucher Denominations. Customers may either recharge their numbers online using the BSNL Payment Portal or the My BSNL mobile app, or they can do so at retail stores.

Value-Added Services and Free OTT are Packaged with Prepaid Plans and STVs.

The number of OTT applications and value-added services that BSNL now offers in conjunction with prepaid mobile plans and STVs is substantial. Some of them are Free BSNL Tunes, EROS Now Plus Membership, and Lokdhun Entertainment and Online Education. Customers who activate certain recharge deals may additionally receive these services at no additional cost.

  • With BSNL recharge plans and STVs, you may take advantage of Free Lokdhun Entertainment and Online Classes: How can I activate the Lokdhun offer using the BSNL TV app?
  • Get a free membership to EROS NOW Plus with BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans and STVs | How can I activate EROS NOW on my prepaid phone from BSNL?
  • Using the My BSNL Tunes app, you may make your favorite song the caller tune.

What’s the best way to check if my BSNL Prepaid Mobile Number is still in use?

To find out how long your plan will last, just dial *123# from your BSNL Prepaid Mobile. By using this USSD short number (as indicated in the image below), you may get information about your tariff plan, your phone’s condition, your balance, its expiration date, the dates of GP1 and GP2, and other things.

How can I find out information on the features and duration of any active STVs on my BSNL Prepaid Mobile Number?

By dialling USSD short codes, BSNL Prepaid Mobile users may quickly obtain information about their Main Account balance, Voice STV balance, Data balance, Friends and Family Numbers, SMS balance inquiries, etc. By sending an SMS to the Toll-Free short number 123, customers may even activate Prepaid Mobile Plans and STVs. The SMS must have the syntax for the matching Plan Voucher or STV, and the consumer must have enough money in their prepaid account to use this service. To view USSD Short Codes and their applications, go here.
Customers may also take advantage of BSNL’s prepaid recharge offers by dialling the USSD short codes for the appropriate plan vouchers or STVs. Activating BSNL prepaid recharge offers using USSD short code often takes the form 444MRP#, where MRP is the denomination.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

According to the most recent information, BSNL will stop offering several prepaid cell phone recharge packages (STVs) from November 1st, 2020. Check them out before you recharge!

How can I activate the Lokdhun offer using the BSNL TV app?