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As per latest information BSNL has announced the launch of new exclusive unlimited Bharat Air Fibre Broadband plans across all telecom circles

BSNL changed into imparting the equal FTTH (Bharat Fiber) broadband plans for BAF

BSNL has introduced the release of the latest special limitless Bharat Air Fibre Broadband plans throughout all telecom circles. According to the present-day information, the PSU has released 4 new Bharat Air Fiber plans namely – Air Fibre Basic, Air Fibre Basic Plus, Air Fibre Value & Air Fibre Premium as ordinary plans with instant impact on a PAN India basis.

Prior to this, BSNL offered customers of Bharat Air Fibre the same FTTH (Bharat Fiber) internet plans without any variation in freebies or monthly charges. The PSU has now developed this new alternative Air Fiber package with speeds ranging from 30Mbps to 70Mbps based mostly on feedback from field devices and current Air Fiber customers. The entry-level Air Fibre Basic plan offers 30Mbps download speed to 3300GB at a fixed monthly cost of just Rs 499, while the Air Fibre Premium plan offers 70Mbps download speed at a monthly cost of Rs 1199.

All of the PAN India/Circle-specific “DSL” and unique “Bharat Fibre Broadband plans” that are now offered through Bharat Air Fibre are no longer available to new customers on Bharat Air Fibre. Current customers must remain, while efforts can be made through circles to move them to a few alternative nearby broadband plans as is practical.

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In order to make voice solution financially viable under the above ‘Bharat Air Fibre’ plans, offer voice service through the SIP platform by installing BSNL’s App WINGS without additional cost to customers who are refusing to opt for these plans due to the high price of IP phone for voice calls. Hence, customers will be given voice service either through the App or regular phone attached through CPE, but not both. The above charges are exclusive of GST. These instructions shall be implemented with immediate effect on a regular basis in all the circles (except the A&N circle).

Basic Plan for BSNL Air Fibre at $499

The Air Fibre Basic Plan, which has a set monthly cost of Rs 499, is the entry-level package. Up to 3300GB, the maximum download speed is 30Mbps; beyond that, it drops to 2Mbps. The BSNL Air Fibre Basic package also includes True Unlimited Voice.

Plan for BSNL Air Fibre Basic Plus at $699

The Air Fibre Basic Plus Plan, which has a set monthly cost of Rs 699, is the next higher plan. The maximum download speed is 40Mbps up to 3300GB and afterwards 4Mbps. Additionally, the BSNL Air Fibre Basic Plus package includes True Unlimited Voice.

BSNL Air Fibre Value Plan @ ₹899

With a set monthly fee of Rs 899, the BSNL Air Fibre Value Plan offers a maximum download speed of 50 Mbps up to 3300GB and 6 Mbps beyond that. Truly unlimited voice is included, just like other plans, at no extra expense to the customer.

BSNL Air Fibre Premium Plan @ ₹1199

The topmost plan is the Air Fibre Premium plan at a hard and fast month-to-month price of Rs 1199/-. Maximum download velocity is 70Mbps until 3300GB and 10Mbps after crossing 3300GB. Customers can also choose the static IP address on this plan with extra expenses of simply Rs 2000/-. As usual, True Unlimited Voice is bundled with the BSNL Air Fibre Premium plan.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

According to the most recent information, (BSNL) today announced the immediate launch of its promotional Bharat Fiber Broadband plans, Fiber Basic, Fibre Value, Fibre Premium, and Fibre Ultra for a promotional period of 90 days.

BSNL has announced the extension of one of its most well-liked deals, Truly Unlimited STV @ 398, until July 8th, 2021, across all telecom circles, as we reported in January 2021.